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CONSTRUCTION OF CONCRETE SILOS AND STACKING TUBES FOR STORING GRANULAR MATERIALS (ACI ) AND COMMENTARY–ACI R-. ACI January Standard Practice for Design and Construction of Concrete Silos and Stacking Tubes for Storing Granular Materials. Does anyone have experience with ACI and designing steel bins? I am specifically concerned with calculating loads on bins and the.

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Thanks for your comments. Appears on pages s: Thanks for the input, -Mike. Lateral loads Subject Areas: It acu to me at this point that I will be using a combination of methods depending on if it’s a shallow bunker or deep bin, zci or emptying, funnel-flow or mass-flow, or a vertical wall or hopper. Red Flag This Post Please let us know here why this post is inappropriate. You can make more money that way. This ACI standard practice gives material, design, and construction requirements for reinforced concrete silos, stave silos, and stacking tubes for storing granular materials.

I like the ACI method because it is a published spec instead of a bunch of research papers.

Bin design with ACI – Structural engineering other technical topics – Eng-Tips

I think I’m with you on this in terms of the K factor and overpressure of 1. As a consultant I feel I need to follow guidelines established by nationally recognized authorities even thought there are few. A newer version of 31-397 document exists. It’s one of the books I had forgotten about, or at least couldn’t remember enough to be able to find it again. I pretty much use the at rest pressure with the 1. This section specifies the overpressure factor to be a minimum of 1.


It’s possible that many of the ‘old’ designs exist with a reduced factor of safety.

International Concrete Abstracts Portal

I think I saw this years ago and it was a good reference. I think they difference is the horizontal pressure coeficients. While this standard refers to Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete ACI for many requirements, it puts forth special requirements for the unique cases of static and dynamic loading from funnel flow, concentric flow, and asymmetric flow in silos, and special loadings on stacking tubes.

While I find the science interesting, where I end up is more important than how I get there. It includes design and construction recommendations for cast-in-place or precast, conventionally reinforced or post-tensioned silos.

Unwillingness to change what has worked forever. I haven’t made it through all of it yet but plan to do so to see if they have changed any of their procedures, or if there is anything else new. When I first saw the 77 spec I was not comfortable with increasing the designs by a factor sci 2. I can live with that. You could go on for years building structures that were seriously overstressed, until finally one collapses. Download Now Defense manufacturing is all about project manufacturing and project accounting.

Close this aaci and log in. Appendices; Figures; References; Tables; Pagination: This document was replaced by Students Click Here Join Us! Any help will be appreciated.


What I recall from using the Gaylord book is that they give several different equations and factors, and aaci say “You can use this one, but some people use this one and this third method seems to work okay too”. This should be good enough for me at least for cement, sand, and gravel where I am now working.

Concrete; Filing Info Accession Number: Buzek as the author.

I would also be cautious about using a particular approach just because it has given “good” results before. I get the impression when reading the Gaylord text that the value of K is sometimes used as a fudge factor to skew results towards where the researchers want to end up anyways. Concrete construction ; Design standards ; Earthquake resistant design ; Granular materials ; Reinforced concrete ; Reinforcing steel ; Silos ; Stresses ; Structural analysis ; Structural design Uncontrolled Terms: Thank you for helping keep Eng-Tips Forums free from inappropriate posts.

Based on test results shown in Gaylord the ACI equations are as good as any and it is an actual written specification. Click Here to join Eng-Tips and talk with other members! Bin design with ACI Very true about the older designs.

Resources Sci Transformation may be defined in a number of different ways by analysts or enterprise software vendors. I have used ACI quite a bit.

It seems to work out fairly close.