English Spanish online dictionary Term Bank, translate words and terms with different pronunciation options. city main acueducto santo domingo waterworks. Éste se dirige al conducto auditivo interno para recorrer el acueducto de Falopio abandonando el peñasco por el agujero estilomastoideo y, a través de su rama. ACUEDUCTO DE FALOPIO EBOOK DOWNLOAD | Dream Pdf Definition of acueducto – Conducto para transportar agua, generalmente en acueducto de.

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Renaissance and Reformation Oktober in Padua war ein italienischer Anatom und Chirurg.

Fallopius, Fallopio — Gabriele, Italian anatomist, — We are using cookies for the best presentation of our site. Continuing to use this site, you agree with this. FALLOPIO, Gabriele Gabriele Fallopio, an Italian anatomist, advanced Renaissance medicine with his descriptions of the ear, the reproductive organs, and the musculature of the head and by refuting ancient authorities such as Aristotle and Galen.


Born in Modena, Fallopio was first educated in the classics, but later studied medicine.

After a brief and unsuccessful practice in surgery, he continued his medical studies at Ferrara, where he was appointed to the chair of pharmacy. In he took the chair of anatomy at the University of Pisa, where he was falsely accused of practicing human vivisection. In he accepted the prestigious chair of anatomy at Padua as successor to Matteo Colombo and Andreas Vesalius.

Numerous works attributed to Fallopio were actually lecture notes that were edited for publication after his death and therefore may not be fully authentic. However, his Observationes anatomicae Anatomical Flopio ofa faopio on the De humani corporis fabrica On the Structure of the Human Body of Vesalius, is important because it corrects some observations of his predecessor. By dissecting cadavers of infants and fetuses, he advanced the understanding of the ossification of the occiput and sternum, as well as the origin and development of primary and secondary teeth.

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He correctly opposed erroneous ancient views regarding blood flow, but denied Vesalius’s correct account of venous valves. In addition to works on anatomy, he wrote about syphilis, surgery, and the production of drugs. His detailed accounts of female anatomy contributed greatly to the understanding of reproduction.

His accurate description of the tubes connecting the uterus and ovaries resulted in their name.

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