The Ahiman Rezon Pennsylvania Grand Lodge AHIMAN REZON or. BOOK OF THE CONSTITUTION of. THE RIGHT WORSHIPFUL GRAND LODGE of the. Most Ancient And honorAble frAternity of free And. AHIMAN REZON or The Book of Constitutions of the Antient Grand Lodge of England by Laurence DERMOTT.

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In ancient Times, the Christian Masons were charged to comply with the Christian Usages of each [26] Country where they traveled or worked; being found in all Nations, even of divers Religions. The words however are not Hebrew.

WHETHER ahimn an Opinion be true, or false, it matters nought to me; for the World must allow, that tho’ no Man has yet found out the perpetual Motion all Men ever had, has now, and ever will have, a perpetual Notion; And furthermore, we read that the following Person, so much fam’d in History, were not only poor Men, but many of them of a very mean Extraction. Shewing who ought to preside in the Absence of the Master of a particular Lodge.

NEXT, the members of this new Lodge, bowing altogether to the Grand-Master, shall return his Worship their Thanks according to the Custom of Masters and shall immediately do Homage to their new Master, and as faithful Craftsmen signify their Promise of Subjection and Obedience to him by usual Congratulations.

The World’s great Architect is our Supreme Master; and the unerring Rule he has given us, is that by which we work; reon Disputes are never suffered within the Lodge, for as Masons we only pursue the universal Religion, or the Religion of Nature; this is the Cement which unites the most different Principles in one sacred Band, and brings together those who were the most distant from one another.

After this Aaron placed himself at the Right-Hand of Moses, and Eleazar and Ithamar the Sons of Aaron were admitted, to whom Moses repeated what he had just before told to Aaron; These being seated, the one on the Right- Hand, the other on the Left-Hand of Moses, the seventy Elders of Israel, who composed the Sanhedrim, came in, and Moses declared again the same Laws to them, with the interpretations of them, as he had done before to Aaron and his Sons.

Who should fill the Grand-Master’s place in his Absence.

THEREFORE I am of the Opinion, that if Secrecy and Silence be duly considered, they will be found most necessary to qualify a Man, for any Business of Importance; If this be granted, I am confident that no [10] Man will dare to dispute that Rezoh are superior to all other Men, in concealing their Secrets, from Reaon immemorial; which the Power of Gold, that often has betrayed Kings and Princes, and sometimes overturned whole Empires, nor the most cruel Punishments could never extort the Secret even from the weakest Member of the whole Fraternity.

All Masons shall meekly receive their Wages without murmuring or Mutiny, and not desert the [30] Master till the Lord’s Work is finished; they must avoid ill Language, calling each other Brother or Fellow with much courtesy, both within and without the Lodge; they shall instruct a younger Brother to become bright and expert, reaon the Lord’s Materials may not be spoiled.

Retrieved from ” https: Behaviour towards a foreign Brother or Stranger YOU are cautiously to examine him, as Prudence shall direct you, that you may not be imposed on by [F] a Ahiiman, whom you are to reject with Derision, and beware of giving him any Hints; but if you discover him to be true and faithful, you aihman to respect him as a Brother, and if in Want you are to relieve him if you can, or else direct him how he may be relieved; you must employ him if you can, or else recommend him to be employed; but you are not charged to do beyond your Ability.

MADAM and dear Mother, you may well blame the Reaon for their long sitting, at least for calling in Question a Case so impertinent; for except the Wives of the Senators be admitted to consult thereon, there can be no Hope of a Conclusion; I speak [5] this but out my young Apprehension, for I know their Gravity may easily confound me; and yet, whether Nature or Duty so instruct me, I cannot tell; But to them it seems necessary, for the Increase of People, and for the public Good, that every Senator should be allowed two Wives; or otherwise their Wives two Husbands; I shall hardly under one Roof call two Men by the Name of Father; I had rather call two Women by the Name of Mother.


In the mean Time I am well assured, that none by Strangers to the Craft, and ungenerous Enemies to good Society, will doubt the Veracity of what is here inserted concerning Free-Masonry. Another Prayer, and that which is most general at Making or Opening MOST holy and glorious Lord God, thou great Architect of Heaven and Earth, who art the Giver of all good Gifts and Graces, and hast promised that where two or three are gathered together in thy Name, thou wilt be in the Midst of them; In thy name we assemble and meet together, most humbly beseeching thee to bless us in all our Undertakings, that we may know and serve thee aright, that all our Doings may tend to thy Glory and the Salvation of our Souls.

IN rezom times every Man at his Request was not admitted into the Craft, tho’ perhaps of a good and moral Reputation nor allowed to share the Benefits of our ancient and noble Institution, unless he was endued with such Skill in Masonry, as he might thereby be able to improve the Art, either in Plan or Workmanship; or had such an Affluence of Fortune as should enable him to employ, honour, and protect the Craftsmen.

The Persons to whom I now speak, are Men of some Education, and an honest Character; but in low Circumstances; I say, let them first consider their Income and Family, and know that Free-Masonry requires Ability, Attendance, and a good Appearance, to maintain and support its ancient and honourable Grandeur. Details From June 5, until October 13, The latter two rezkn well worthy of Observation; but the first concerns our present Undertaking.

These Traders, though but few in Number associate together, and for any mean Consideration admit any Person to what little they know of the Craft. June 5, – October 13, BUT as Masonry hath at several Times felt the injurious Effects of War, Bloodshed, and Devastation, it was a stronger Engagement to the Craftsmen to act agreeable to the Rules of Peace and Loyalty, the many proofs of which Behaviour hath occasioned the ancient Kings and Powers to protect and defend them.

Among the other Noblemens Sons who had been at this weighty Business, was that faithful Youth the Son of the grave Ahkman, whose Family was one of the most noble and illustrious in all Rome. Nothing can prove more shocking to all faithful Masons, than to see any of their Brethren profane or break through the sacred Rules of their Order; and such as can do it, they wish had never been admitted. Aristotle was demanded what Thing appeared most difficult to him; he answered, to be secret and silent.

HE is not to neglect his own necessary Avocations 1 for the Sake of Masonry, nor to involve himself in Quarrels with those who through Ignorance may speak Evil of or ridicule it.

What is “Ahiman Rezon”?

And although very few or none of the Brethren arrive to the Sublimity and beautiful Contrivance of Hiram Abif; yet the very Enemies of Free-masonry must own, that it is the most renowned Society that ever was, is now, or perhaps ever will be upon Earth; the following true Description [C ] of the Royal Art will clearly shew its great Use to Mankind.

And when thous has done all thy Duty, sit down, that thou mayst be merry with them; and receive a Crown for thy good Behaviour. He then describes a fabled meeting with four ‘sojourners from Jerusalem’ who were present at the building of Solomon’s temple, making them at least two thousand years old, whose ‘memories’ were possibly failing them.

I have heard of many others of later Date not so far distant as Fequin 4 that have preferr’d to Places or Offices of great Trust, and dignified with Titles of Honour, without having the least Claim to Courage, Wit, Learning, or Honesty; therefore if such Occurrences be duly considered, I humbly conceive it will not deem’d as a capital Offence, that I should entertain my own perpetual Notion, while I do not endeavour to disinherit any Man of his Ahinan.


Thou has div’d deep [xiv] into the Water, and hast brought up a Potsherd ; Nevertheless he took me by the Hand, and said And this without the Multiplicity of spiteful and malicious Words, long Arguments, or fierce Debate; which have been made Use of, among haiman Mortals, upwards of a thousand Reaon past; And instead of uniting Men in one sacred Band as the servants fo God, and Brethren of the same Household have divided them into as many different Opinions, as there were not only Languages, but even Men at the Confusion of Babel.

Nor should any other Kind of Division ever be admitted among Free-Masons. And as it is an organized Body of Men who have passed the Chair, and abiman undeniable Proofs of their Skill in Architecture, it cannot be treated with too much Reverence; and more especially since the Characters of the present Members of that particular [H] Lodge are untainted and their Behaviour judicious and unexceptionable; So that there cannot be the least Hinge to hang a Doubt on, but that they are most excellent Masons.

York Masons Regulations Y. Dermott’s political purpose in writing the Ahiman Rezon is revealed in his short history of famous leaders of the ancient world who were of ‘mean extraction, that is poor, such as Tamerlane the son of a herdsman, and on the cover which shows the arms of the Worshipful Company of Masons as well as those of the Freemasons, possibly in an attempt to re-connect Freemasonry to its operative and artisan roots.

HE is to treat his Inferiors as he would have his Superiors deal with him, wisely considering that the Original of Mankind is the same; and though Masonry divests no Man of his Honour, yet does the Craft admit that strictly to pursue the Paths of Virtue, whereby a clear Conscience may be preserved, is the only Method to make any Man ahimam. And if the Members of the Grand Lodge cannot reconcile the Grand-Master with his Deputy or Wardens, they are to allow the Grand-Master to discharge his Deputy or Wardens, and to choose another Deputy immediately, and the same Grand Loge, in that Case, shall forthwith choose other Grand- Wardens, so that Harmony and Peace may be preserved.

Ahiman Rezon – Wikipedia

And although for Man’s good the Lord has been pleased to reveal some Things, yet it is impossible at any Time to change or alter his Determination, in regard whereof rezonn reverend wise Men of ancient Times, evermore affected to perform their Ahima secretly. Ahi, which is pronounced Ah-ee, is demonstrative and means there, as if pointing to a thing or place; man may be considered a form of monta, which means the account, amount, sum total, ajiman fullness; while razon or rezon means reason, principle, or justice, the word justice being used in the sense of law.

I could say a great deal more on this Point, but I think the Regulations are sufficient, and therefore refer the Reader to the Perusal of them.

Behaviour after the Lodge is closed, and the Brethren are gone You may enjoy yourselves with innocent Mirth, treating one another according to Ability, but avoiding all Excess; not forcing a Brother to ahhiman or drink beyond his own inclination according to the old Regulation of King Ahasuerusnor hinder him from going home when he pleases; for though after Lodge-Hours you are like other Men, yet the Blame of your Excess may be thrown upon the Fraternity, though unjustly.