תניה said: My attempt at reproducing Alinea’s Surf Clam dish. The debut cookbook from the restaurant Gourmet magazine named the best in the country. Not so with the recently released Alinea cookbook. Consuming this one has been a more protracted commitment, spanning a few weeks, filling. San Francisco resident Allen Hemberger received Alinea, the cookbook, as a Christmas gift the year it came out, and soon enough he was at.

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Oct 21, Jojo rated it it was amazing.

The Alinea Cookbook Could Be Better [review] – Eat Me Daily

Achatz’s flavor combinations are, sorry to use this word again, inspired. Achatz, on the other hand, isn’t. Popcorn With extra salt, light on the butter, or au naturel. This book draws a line in xlinea ground between Traditional and Modern if you will. Congratulations to everyone who worked to make this gorgeous piece of art. Jul 25, Serge Pierro rated it it was amazing Shelves: The debut cookbook from the restaurant Gourmet magazine cookbook the best in the country.

That said, this is more a coffee table book than an actual cookbook. The average home cook who does not own agar agar or an antigriddle is not catered-to. Alinea is an inspirational book, from one of the most avantgarde Chefs in the world, Grant Achatz. The Web site blew me away. Nov 09, Monica rated it liked it Shelves: You can do it, right? And we’re not talking simple steps, here!

All in all, I think this is one of aline most important cookbooks to come out in recent memory and is definitely worth picking up.

I can’t wait to try some recipes. I showed Symon my copy and when I told him the price he said, “That, is sick. Grant and Nick had never done a book either.


A meal at Alinea isn’t a meal – it’s multisensory performance art, it’s the alniea equivalent of dropping acid, it’s palate-expansion. The Microwave Loved by soccer moms and stoners alike. Forget the critics, even if I never re-create a single recipe, it will be well worth an insight into Chef Achatz and Alinea! Alinea does require you to be proficient in modern ingredients and techniques.

I don’t mean to sound like a bumpkin since I know that this is cookboom the Molecular Gastronomy style is all cookboo, but this the whole thing goes a little over my head.

I can see where this would be great fun in the restaurant, but at home something like this seems pretty over the top. I didnt sign up for clothesline bacon.

Jul 07, Nikki rated it really liked it Shelves: But as lainea book with pictures and recipes, not just words I think it’s problematic. The front cover of The French Laundry Cookbook is white, and it shows a napkin and silverware. It would make a great gift for any food snob and it is a high quality product, which is getting to be unusual in cookbook publication. Oh, but the photography of the food! Thanks for the review, Michael. I made some replacements – I used cookbook scallop, mustard seed cress for cookbooj soup and a watercress leaf as a bed for the scallop and garnished with baby coriander.

Buyers of the book will receive access to a website featuring video demonstrations, interviews, and an online forum that allows readers to interact with Achatz and his team.

Guy Who Cooked the Entire Alinea Cookbook Wrote a Beautiful-Looking Book About the Experience

They should be saying “these are the recipes, cook them. And supposedly, if you can find the ingredients, the recipes are designed for home chefs ; like me.


I just like to LOOK at it. It’s what makes eating at Alinea so extraordinary, that the flavors and sensations and textures are turned inside-out and on their ear. This is a document of the exact recipes the Alinea brigade uses. My guess is that many of the reviews of Alinea are going to try to define the book, and invariably there’ll be a comparison to The French Laundry Cookbook.

What would I do with foam this and that???? This was the first book announcement that launched was is to be the best fall cookbook season ever this is no exaggeration. Colkbook are no discussion topics on this book yet. Hardcoverpages. Ok, this cookbook is as gorgeous as anythiing put together by Thomas Keller, and it has fantastic pictures, and etailed recipes–but this is just ckokbook that i am not going to make, I’ll try to eat at Alinea, though, and I was glad to read the cookbook after reading Grant Atchatz’ memoir ‘Chef, Life on the Line’.

What Keller does is edit food down, distill it, and that’s something people can do at home.

Alinea, the cookbook | Michael Ruhlman

Comprehensive and fantastic, one of the best out there. With Achatz’s much-publicized recent battle with tongue cancer adding a necessary humanizing element to the copkbook and overly serious chef, I expected more of Ruhlman’s essay than the standard parallels of Achatz’s culinary awakening to a existential journey.

Is Alinea’s food art?