AMEB syllabi are developed by leading Australian musicians and AMEB classical guitar exams are divided up into levels, starting at the. The Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) for guitar exams are divided up What are the pros and cons of an AMEB classical guitar exam? but there is so much more to learn and covered in the syllabus that can cover Jazz, Blues, . The AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board) is a body that is dedicated to The AMEB Classical Guitar syllabus is divided into the three levels, namely.

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This, of course, is not the way to go about things; it is just my advice based gyitar approaches that have worked for me personally across maaaaaany years and nearly as many exams across not just guitar, but other instruments too. All feedback is welcome. A schedule of practice and things to focus on in the 4 weeks before your exam Part Eight: With regular practice students should be able to read through repertoire two grades lower than the level at which huitar student is playing.

Candidates will play their 3 set pieces as usual and then the examiner will ask for one additional piece of the 2 prepared always be prepared to play both — it happens.

Below is a short piece played by one of my most promising young students. The examiner will be happy to adapt to the vocal range of the candidate Extra Pieces Grade 2 onwards From grade 2 onwards candidates must prepare sylllabus pieces instead of 3.

The extra list pieces broaden the scope and ensure a fair amount of playing has been done in preparation fo the exam. This can only really be brought about through spending time with a piece. Deciding when the time is right to take a grade exam and a bit of a checklist of things to go through to help you make this decision.


Other examples of AMEB repertoire may be heard on my youtube channel. It is recommended to concurrently study music theory AMEB Theory exams are available online though this does not become compulsory until Grade 5. Obviously, the best way to make sure you do well is to be well prepared. The AMEB Australian Music Examinations Board is a body that is dedicated to the evaluation and examination of students of the performing arts including speech, drama and music, and is linked to major Australian universities as well as the Ministry of Education.

Confused about AMEB Classical Guitar Exams? – Media Luna Guitar Tuition

There is no scope for interpretation here and all scales and exercises are to be presented exactly as written in the AMEB Technical Work book. The success rate continues to be outstanding, giving students a new set of skills, sense of achievement and confidence. In the meantime, happy practicing! Enrolment forms can be downloaded from the AMEB website and submitted personally by the student or parent or alternately Media Luna Guitar Tuition can take care of all enrolment details.

These pieces must of course be of the same technical level as the grade being studied — though the student and teacher may choose and cater towards the preference of the student. Set Pieces Three pieces in total are chosen and it is recommended the pieces be chosen from the series 2 AMEB classical guitar syllabus released in Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The ultimate aim of technical practice is to hone dynamic control, tonal variety and appropriate phrasing.

AMEB classical guitar exams are divided up into levels, starting at the Preliminary stage, moving up to Grade 1 up to Grade 8. Taking The AMEB Classical Guitar Exam Most of the graded exams follow a similar structure, but obviously each grade gets more challenging and more is expected from the candidate. The Technical Work section consists of scales, arpeggios and other technical exercises.


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The examiner will be happy to adapt to the vocal range of the candidate. Are Music Exams For You? If a classic guitar student practices consistently and diligently, then the path to a successful exam result is pretty much secured. Well, I would suggest going through a number of checks with yourself to help make the decision.

Preparing for a classical guitar exam: Part one – deciding when the time is right

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Answering this question should be relatively straightforward — and no fibbing to yourself now!

Technical Work There is no scope for interpretation here and all scales and exercises are to be presented exactly as written in the AMEB Technical Work book. The exam will be divided into sections, namely: Thanks for reading and see you next time. What are the pros and cons of an AMEB guitar exam?

AMEB Classical Guitar Exams – Guitar Lessons in Zetland, Sydney

Working on the technical elements Part Four: Two weeks out from the exam — what to focus on and making final preparations Part Nine: The scales and arpeggios need to be played from memory, while the technical exercises may be played with the music in front of the candidate. He enjoys playing blues and rock style pieces syllanus of all. This holds true for the guiatr of proficiency expected at your exams: This is an important part of the exam, as technical proficiency on any instrument will help develop the potential for musical development and expression.