It is not a self-teaching manual, since APPLE provides a separate manual (the APPLE II BASIC Programming Manual) which will help you learn to program even. APPLESOFT II BASIC is APPLE’s very much extended BASIC language. BASIC has manual, since APPLE provides a separate manual (the APPLE.!!. BASIC. Apple® computer. The entire Applesoft BASIC® and Integer BASIC® vocabularies are included, along with all the DOS commands. The entries are presented.

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Following this command, the computer will skip to line May also draw random “shapes” all over the high-resolution graphics areas of memory, possibly destroying your program, even if you are not in graphics mode. Characters outside defined window are not affected.

Similarly, if section C is 00 ignoredthen section B cannot be a move of as that will also be ignored. This book is great, if you own an old Apple II, to basc out and learn the field of programing. Remember, NX and NY must each be a number in the range through 39, or the square will be off the screen and an error message will result.

The slowest rate is 0; the fastest is Otherwise, any Instructions following THEN are Ignored, and execution passes to the instruction in the next numbered line of the program. Before a string variable is set to a value in the program, It is initialized to the null string. Shape table tapes are prepared using the instructions at the beginning of this chapter.

Typing TEXT returns you to the normal text mode. The example returns 3.


Applesoft BASIC Reference

However, the first two space-savers should be considered only when faced with serious space limitations. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Old top line is lost; old second line becomes line one; bottom line is now blank. HOME is used to clear the text area and set tlie cursor to the top left corner of the currently defined text window.

To select an element of the table, we give A a subscript: High-resolution graphics mode for the “second page” of memory is invoked by the applesift HGR 2 This clears the entire screen to black, giving you a plotting surface that is x-posltions across by y-positlons high, and no text at the bottom.

You may prefer to ignore these symbols and definitions until you encounter one in the text. In general, mwnual maximum value of aexpr is determined by the amount of memory in the computer. Depending on the settings of the other switches, this may cause the display to change from high-resolution graphics page 1 to low-resolution graphics page 1, from high-resolution graphics page 2 to low-resolution graphics page 2, or in text mode may cause no change in the display.

SIN 2 Returns the sine of the argument, which must be in radians.

Full text of “Applesoft BASIC Programming Reference Manual – Apple Computer”

Using applezoft variable manyal subscript is larger than the maximum designated, or which calls for a different number of dimensions than specified in a DIM statement, causes the? If linenum is not indicated, RUN begins at the lowest numbered line in the program, or returns control to the user if there is no program in memory.

NEXT loops are nested Inside each other and do not “cross over. Each real array element occupies 5 bytes 40 bits in memory. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?


Anything which can be interpreted as a number, a string or a variable name may be used for expr- If Gxpr is a set of characters which cannot be a variable name, the characters must be enclosed in quotation marks. HOME Moves the cursor to the upper left screen position within the text window, and clears all text in the window. APPLESOFT was not designed or intended to allow the IF statement’s expr to be a string expression, but string variables and strings may be used as expr under the following stringent conditions.

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Then try writing your own program using the Appplesoft. An E is then printed for Exponentfollowed by the sign S of the exponent; then the two digits TT of the exponent itself. NEXT loop uses 16 bytes in memory. SPC 8 does not introduce any space. Equivalent positive and negative addresses may be used.

It also provides 4 lines of text at the bottom of the screen. The plus sign, minus sign, CtrlE, space and the period all return a zero as the typed value. A string may contain a maximum of characters. Ctrl C is treated as any other character if it is not the first character typed. Using addition or subtraction, you may be able to generate numbers as large as 1.