The list of mantras from Veda – the pillar of Hinduism and the Eternal truth. In daily routine, it is not possible to conduct lots of veda mantras. That is why, Swami. Vedic Sandhya (वैदिक संध्या) is Ishwar Upasana which every one should do in Morning & Evening. This Vedic Sandhya Application provides all the. Vedic Sandhya in Audio || Sandhyopasanvidhih || Click here for for Vedic Sandhya Aryasamaj Jamnagar.

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Ayyappa Patalu Telugu is the devotional songs album of bhakti Ayyappa Songs. Life is useless without the consciousness that the Divine Eye watches over erring humanity. Laws that govern the universe also govern the body.

This system is called Sandhyaa. Rita satya ke sahaare sansaar ko sanchya Teraa mahaan kaushal hai sindhu ne dikhaaya. In thinking of God as the One Who created this immense, multiform Cosmos, we understand that we are nothing compared to His Super Power. And because the soul suffers from inherent limitations, there exists the possibility that his knowledge can always become corrupt.

The Light of Truth. He has something that I have always wanted – happiness.

Vedic Sandhya and Dainik Sandhya Yajya Vidhi Ki Purn Vidhi || Arya Samaj | Arya

He is found in every nook and corner of the World of Matter; He knows every nook and corner because of His All-Pervasiveness. He Indra roop eeshwar dakshin me bhee dikhaate Jar jeev-jantu-o se satwar sadaa bachaate Vaidik sudhaa pilaate, ho jyaaniyo ke dwaara Tumse lagan lagee hai sarvastwa szmaj hamaara Ham baar sanndhya bhagavan!

Clock Torch Flashlight Widgets. Material possessions, in excessive abundance, more than often becomes the root of all abhimaan. This uniformity in all cycles of creation point to the intelligence of a Conscious Creator.


Ut vayam tamasas pari – “As long as I give back to the sun Godmy dark shadow, vefic of my ignorance, will stare me in the face. The psychology of the Gayatree -meditation is as follows: One begins the first with one’s speech. They used the verses mantras of the Veda to focus their minds and represent thinking that would be standard for later generations.

Dhyai means to thinkand sam means in an ordered manner. For example, one invokes God Who is Bhoohthe Origin of all cosmic being, to purify one’s thoughts, because thoughts are the basis of all that one is. These qualities, if inculcated by study and practice will makes us rise above the animal in our personality, transcend the human, and attain to the divine.

This being so, this care needs to kept healthy for life’s long travel. He Vishnu sarva vyaapin! Tan man vachan se honge, ham shuddh karm kaaree Dus-karm se bachengee, sab indriyaa hamaaree Vaanee vishuddh hogee, priya praan punya-shaalee Hongee hamaaree aakhe, ye divya jyoti-waalee Ye kaan jyaan bhooshit, ye naabhi pushti-kaaree Hogaa hridai, Dayaamai!

He is complete purity in my entire personality, I pray that The Lord, the Basis of all existence, may purify my thinking; He is the Dispeller of pain, may purify my vision; He is the Bestower of happiness, may purify my speech; He who is Supremely Great, may purify my speech; Him, the Creator, may purify my sensual impulses; Him, the Impeller of action, may purify my movements; Him the Embodiment of Truth, may purify my understanding; He Who is extensive like space, may purify my entire personality.

Asmaj we turn, we can see purpose and design.

O Living, Holy, Happy Father, Great, The Wise and Omnipresent King of all, The Sole Eternal Master of my fate, My mind and soul Thy gracious blessings call To make my head, my eyes and passions pure, To change my vicious heart; and guide my feet, To grace my brain and throat, and make it sure That sin will nowhere find a welcome seat.


That which the sun of knowledge, the intellect, shines is called heaven dyau- dyau, to shine. This causes ayra much dirt to accumulate that the voice of his inner soul is stifled, and one needs a complete purificatory process. The fact of the creation of the universe removes our abhimaan.

We experience two types of cravings -those of body and soul. Navel – Genitals – sexual discipline. Nit riddhi siddhi barse it ho sadaa hamaraa behtee rahe hridai me sad-dharm prem dhaara.

One desires to know one’s own soul, Lord and the world in which one lives, and thereby discover the relationship one enjoys with both. This mantra, in being understood, blesses the soul with vast conceptional magnitude brahmaand, in being chanted, protects ayra worshipper gaayantam traayate iti Gaayatree. Such wondrous light has arisen in aryx only because I have become a divinely harmonized person deva. This prepares the saadhaka for peetifor spiritual fulfillment, for the Brahma State, the state of total blessedness.

Vedic Sandhya and Dainik Sandhya Yajya Vidhi Ki Purn Vidhi || Arya Samaj

He is the Origin of my life – He created me. Nothing escapes justice through His Law of Karma.

And may we live and see a hundred years, A hundred autumns hear His Holy Sandhy, And sing His Glory free from human fears That close attend the heels of earthly fame.