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Company of the Sikhs of the Guru is truth but all this reality can be accepted only by becoming an obedient Sikh. Gurmukhi Dhiaan Kai Patisataa Soukhanbar LaiAnaki Patanbar Kee Sobhaa N Suhaavaee By the grace of True Guru, a Guru-conscious person appreciates no other apparel than the comfort giving dress of respect and honour acquired by virtue of perpetual engrossment of the mind in the Lord.

It is extremely wonderful. Despite living in the wheel of time, he remains protected from its wrath. Fixed many random crashes on Android Pie.

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Such a person is bereft of knowledge. Sahaj Samaadhi Saadhasangati Sakhaa MilaapaGagan Ghataa Ghamand Jougati Kai Jaaneeai The method of meeting with the Lord God through meditation in a holy gathering is like the gathering and formation of clouds that cause rain, lightening and thunder. InstaBeauty Selfies Rated 3. But this truth can only be realised when love resides in the mind.


He makes his salutations and supplications to him again and again. Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji 2. The nostrils feel the smell of myriad fragrances. He talks to no one and remains bha the sweetness of Lord’s naam.

The sentiment of loving worship destroys the duality from the mind.

It is then turned into beautiful ornaments of metal better looking than each individually. He becomes bereft of caste pride and is able to remove all differences of high and low from his mind. Even the Vedas and Shesh Naag praise the glory of such a disciple saying-great, limitless. Dousat Sabhaa Sanjog Adham Asaadh SanguBahu Bibichaar Dhaari Ganakaa Bulaavaee A woman who keeps company of evil people, doing acts highly condemnable and indulging in licentious deeds is called a whore.

On the contrary a Guru-conscious person is friendly and of good dispositions. He does not renounce the family and lives in jungles to emancipate hims ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ” ‘ ‘ 7’ 12 Being of the same form, a pearl is considered good doer while the hailstone causes damage.

The true disciples of the Guru hold no faith in any other form of worship. Published on Oct View Download 0. It is imperishable and celestial. Similarly good and evil persons may look alike outwardly but their good and bad characteristics can be known by gugdas their com” 15 8 4: Jaisay Jal Baran Baran Sarabang RangaBiralo Bibaykee Saadh Sangati Ghrdas As water mixes with any colour to acquire the same hue; thus a rare Sikh contemplating and practising meditation merges into the holy gathering of Guru’s devotees.


Recently added support for searching gurmukhi shabad from “Shabad Kosh”.

Kabit Bhai Gurdas (Punjabi) – Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh Ji

This is a big joke. Living in the world, makes them untouchable and unaffected by the worldly attractions.

True God can only be meditated upon in the company of holy me ”, ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ 14 3 4: Gursikh Aykamayk Rom N Pujasi KotiHom Jagi Bhog Naeebayd Poojaachaar Hai No one, not even millions of offerings to the fire, celestial feasts, offerings to the gods and other forms of worship, rites and rituals can reach even a hair of a Sikh who has become one with his True Guru.

Regards, -Surinder Pal Singh. It drenches everyone with such hue of Naam Ras gurdws it opens the path for mergence into the Lord. Gurbani is the Light to illuminate this stwek by His Grace, it comes to abide within the mind.

That state is astonishing and wonderful.