Analysis of self exploration in Bernice Friesen’s Brother Dear. This story focuses on the lives of Sharlene and Greg, a sister and brother who both share similar. Brian Van-Huynh “Brother Dear” by Bernice Friesen In the short story Brother Dear, Bernice Friesen introduces the antagonistic relationship a parent and child . The character that I have chosen to reflect on identity with from the short story, ” Brother Dear” is Greg. Greg’s current situation is different in his.

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Greg is the same deaar that he has a passion for the environment, and certain rights, and these are things that he is willing to take action for, just as I am willing to as well. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Nevertheless, Greg believes that he is old enough to make his own decisions and benefit from them.

Like for sharlen she could get a job and do what she wants instead of what her dad wants. They could get a criminal record and could maybe stop them from being allowed out of the country. Don’t start a lot of paragraphs with the brohter word, like you did in the first three.

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Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements Urgent bernkce delivery guaranteed Order Now. How to Write a Thematic Essay. The theme of this unit is “Consequences of Choice”. While Sharlen talks to his sister about it he says if you were to do it dad wouldnt care cause he likes you more.

Jenessa’s blog.: “Brother Dear” by Bernice Friesen

Most charactors will take someones side, and that is enough to change someones point of view, and give them options on who to think is right in the story.

The actions made by characters reveal their personalities by the way they make their decisions in the story. A persons decisions and actions can change a persons life because if someone were to deqr no or yes to something they did want to do they would either do somthing wrong or do somthing right. It is evident that although he is not going to follow his fathers path of success, he will still be successful, but in his own eyes.

What bernjce family does not notice is that Greg does not want to walk a narrow road, but to dea free and do what he is passionate for.


You may get more severe consequenses if you have a history of doing related things 3. For example when greg makes the decision to quit school and become a tree planter it shows that in his personality he frjesen more for the environment then schooling maybe.

The choices you make will be with you forever from making a good decision to a bad one and it all comes down to anger making you do things you dont really want to do.

A limited time offer! People have diffrent opinions about what is happening in diffrent parts of the story. The things that brought him joy were the things that made him his own person, not what he brought joy to other people. It can reveal their personality in a way that shows if they are outgoing or shy.

He changed physically, as he “grew his hair long,” and “every time I saw itit was a different colour”.

Brother Dear

How to Write a Summary of an Article? The choices you make all ways have consequences like maybe going to college brotber a major its a big choice to make because their will be consequences.

It could change their life positively or negitively. Greg shares his knowledge of life with his sister Sharlene and frieesn they come to an understanding that you live life to bring joy upon yourself, not to please the others around you.

One thing that I really want to do after post-secondary is firstly, get a Bachelor’s degree, then I want to go teach English abroad. In Bother Dear Greg chose not to take his final exam which lead him to fail the class, his decision led him to have a negative relationship with his father, he may not get accepted to school again because he now has a negative record. He lets his family know he did not go to exams because he skipped it to go to a protest in Edmonton.

We will write a custom essay sample on Brother Dear specifically beenice you. The character that I have chosen to reflect on identity with from the short story, “Brother Dear” is Greg. This connects to my values and Greg’s as well, as I am a truly compassionate person and want to have the chance to make a difference in other people’s lives.

The conflict that exists between Greg and his Father proves that parents should allow their children to discover and follow their dreams, rather than forcing them upon their own wishes. Greg’s current situation is different in his perspective than his fathers, however within this story, Greg has shown to have grown into his own person apart from what his Father wants him to be doing.


How to Write Essay in Third Person. Please answer the following three questions as they pertain to the short story, “Brother Dear” by Bernice Friesen. For example, a person could decide to steal someones wallet from their back pocket and get caught. Friesen creates Greg’s identity through the things he is passionate about, and portrayed through his actions and words.

Beernice also tells his family of how he isn’t going back to school, and that he’s going to spend his summer planting trees. Greg’s decision’s shwo that he is a independent person, who wishes to do what he wants to do in the future rather then do what his father wishes him to do. Reply Your comment will be posted after it is approved.

But greg knows that he is making a difference in the world from being a tree planter and he knows that his dad wouldnt appreciate it. This is just a sample. Their decisions can tell us what their thinking and their thoughts tell us who they are. Greg’s decision on missing out on the exam desr had to do effected him latter in the story.

Greg shows Sharlene that it doesn’t matter what other people want for you if it doesn’t make you happy. This action all depends on the person.

When Greg lashes back saying that his family is too materialistic and wastes money on unnecessary items, his passion is revealed and portrayed through his actions and words.

The story takes place when Greg comes home from university, where in which his Dad had paid for his tuition, and had planned for Greg to study pre-law and to get good grades.

The way you related back to the text and provided evidence was just brilliant, because you used quotations directly from the text and made some really good points, I wish I have done the same in my response.

Greg thinks his decisions are going to have a positive impact on his fututre other wise he will not have done it but his dad on the other hand strongly disagrees with him.

How do decisions, actions, and consequences vary depending on the different perspectives of the people involved?