A lot of candidates have asked for syllabus for BSNL JTO Exam. Please read the detailed syllabus for BSN JTO Exam that will help you prepare for the Exam. In this article [show] BSNL TTA Junior Engineer Syllabus Pattern Books to Read Click Here for BSNL JTO Total Info: BSNL Information & Guidance. Here’s the updated Syllabus for BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) exam For JTO Telecom Section – I: R S Azad said:(Tue, Aug 9, AM).

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Sir I am doing ma 7th sem in electrical and electronics engineering,so i want detailed syllabus for jto electrical exe send me and also i want the study material.

BSNL JTO(Telecom) syllabus for ece and books for preparation

Does the exam syllabus is same for junior engineer post going to recruit by bsnl? Structure and properties of Electronic Engineering materials, Conductors, Semiconductors and. Leave this field empty. Anupam October 13, at Have i lost my money….? Principle of working stress method.

How this decision could be bad decision for GATE aspirants too?

Which I will explain in below points. Basic concepts, standards and error analysis; Measurements of basic electrical quantities and parameters; Electronic measuring instruments and their principles of working: Sinusoidal modulation with uniform sampling.

Transistor biasing and stabilization, Small Signal analysis. Applications of Microprocessors in Telecommunications and power system. Like u have mentioned it as 84 fr jk circle.

So that other can also understand this issue very well. So it is almost 8 years. Operating characteristics and performance syllahus. Copyright issue All the materials and content is belongs to this website only, if any one copied or used in any purpose without consulting us will be punished under the copyrighted act.

  JBL - SRX 715 PDF

So pls help me sir Planning of highway systems, alignment and geometric design, horizontal and vertical curves, grade separation, Materials and construction methods for different surfaces and maintenance, Principles of pavement design, Drainage. Transducers and their applications to the measurement of non-electrical quantities like temperature, pressure, flow-rate displacement, acceleration, and noise level etc.

Testing, Losses and efficiency. Classification of surveys, scales, accuracy, Measurement of distances-direct and indirect methods, optical and electronic devices, Measurement of directions, prismatic compass, local attraction, Theodolites-types Measurement of elevations, Spirit and trigonometric levelling, Relief representation, Contours, Digital elevation modelling concept, Establishment of control by triangulations and traversing measurements and adjustment of observations, computation of ssyllabus, Field astronomy, concept of global positioning system, Map preparation by plane tabling and by photogrammetry, Remote sensing concepts, map substitutes.

Rectifiers and power supplies. Principles of ultimate load design.

Switched mode power supplies. Optimal power system operation. I am a 3rd year student. This article is designed for information purpose. Percentile is decided by the performance of students in particular stream. Sampled data system and performance of such a system with the samples in the error channel. We have modified point 6. Gate score is related to percentile and not percentage. These will be of a nature, which can be answered without special study by syplabus educated person.


BSNL JTO(Telecom) syllabus for ece and books for preparation

Time domain and frequency domain analysis of linear dynamical system. Elastic constants, stress, plane stress, Mohr’s circle of stress, strains, plain strain, Mohr’s circle of strain, combined stress.

Elements of non-linear control analysis. Transient response and steady state response for arbitrary inputs. Jtto will be of a nature, which can be answered without special study by an educated person.

Syllabus for BSNL JTO (Junior Telecom Officer) Exam

Pulse shaping circuits and waveform generators. All psu need to conduct exam or anthor common exam for all psu s only simlier exam like gate but not for admission in IIT or NIT.

Syllavus there is less than 5 months remaining for GATE Pulse shaping circuits and waveform generators. Analog and Digital Electronics and Circuits. Personal computers and their typical uses.

Mathematical modelling of physical systems. Digital Voltmeter and frequency counter. Syllabus of JTO exam and how to prepare for it?

Analysis of determinate structures- different methods including graphical methods. I am a final year student. Basics of telemetry for industrial use. BSNL generally do not demand for certain percentage so you are eligible. Shipping corporation of india walkin interview for Aswin September 16, at 2: