Read news commentary and analysis on politics, business, health and more from Turkey’s renowned columnists. Burhanettin Duran received his B.A. in Political Science and International Relations from Bogazici University in and obtained his Ph.D in Political Science. Burhanettin Duran received his BA in Political Science and International Relations from Bogazici University in , and his Ph.D. in Political Science from.

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Turkey is determined to conduct a military operation east of the Euphrates River. Turkey will maintain a large military footprint in Syria unless the moderate opposition have a safe haven there and will be present if the YPG threat lingers on.

Burhanettkn option available to them is to reunite with the PKK terrorists in northern Iraq. Duran moved to Istanbul Sehir University in Yes, please send me a weekly newsletter of articles published on The New Turkey.

Ankara is key to strategic rebalancing

Please click for details. Neither a populist discourse nor a violent uprising can help opposition win the upcoming elections, as Turkish democracy has recently proven how strong it is in the face of Although the regime was quick to announce that it deployed troops to the area, the Turks denied that claim and bburhanettin Damascus of conducting a psychological operation.

Turkey’s 4 options in the wake of the Khashoggi assassination October 22, He became an associate professor in in Sakarya University. In the new Syria, where the U. To be clear, the YPG has nothing on the Assad regime: President Donald Trump’s decision to bring home thousands of American troops triggered a new rebalancing in Syria and the Middle East.


Neither Washington’s objections and expressions of concern nor Moscow’s call for common sense Going forward, the group cannot become part of the political transition process either.

Turkey is still the most significant regional actor enabling the U.

Columns – Opinion – Daily Sabah

Fully aware that it stands no chance against a NATO army, the group is desperate to find a sponsor. Moreover, Turkey has assumed the crucial responsibility of fighting Daesh terrorists.

In the new Syria, where the U. The University administration stepped burhanetrin and appointed Cengiz Kallek, a professor on the economic history of early Islamic period, as a new rector at 6 November Russia won’t endanger the prospect of selling the Burhanetttin air defense system to Turkey and completing the TurkStream natural gas pipeline, just to please Bashar Assad.


Under the Trump administration, the United States will continue to ignore its global responsibilities. Retrieved from ” https: Cooperating with Turkey is the most rational way for President Trump to successfully implement his decision to withdraw U.

Negotiations between Turkey, Russia and the U. In a nutshell, this is the difference between Erdogan’s constructive approach and Trump’s destructiveness. Damascus will neither grant autonomy to the group nor allow a group of armed militants to call the shots within its borders.

President Trump wants to redesign the international system based on U. There will be discussions between official delegations on the status of U. Turkey’s sole purpose in the Khashoggi case is not to take part in any regional power struggles but to help find birhanettin actors responsible for the murder. At the same time, the Trump administration enables buranettin to meddle in the growing Russian sphere of influence in the Middle East.


Bogazici UniversityBilkent University. Russian diplomats simply like to bargain down in negotiations.

Duran resigned from his post in Istanbul Sehir University at Burhahettin 25, with a protest letter. If the YPG militants threaten Turkey from regime-controlled areas, the Turks will retaliate with dyran counterterrorism operations. Iran, in turn, depends on Turkey to shelter itself from economic sanctions. All stakeholders in the region Although Moscow doesn’t like the rapprochement between Turkey and the U. Undoubtedly, the Iranians would understand that disturbing Turkish forces in northern Syria could lay the groundwork for a grand bargain between Turkey and the U.

Brunson, Gulen and the unacceptability of an asymmetrical relationship July 23, On Saturday, a Turkish delegation visited Moscow for negotiations over the control of Manbij. President Donald Trump’s decision to bring home thousands of American troops triggered a new rebalancing in Syria and the Middle East.

Now both sides have to compete against each other in a civilized manner and manage the risk of the former members of the Nation Alliance cooperating.

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Don’t have an account? Nonetheless, the counter-Daesh campaign will enable the Turks to position themselves east of the Euphrates. Iran, France and the Assad regime will play secondary roles in the process.

During his graduate education, he worked for Bilkent as a research assistant. Celebrating the Republic with concrete action October 31, Nor can the regime actually shelter YPG militants from Turkey’s imminent military operation.