Voided biaxial slabs are reinforced concrete slabs in which voids reduce the amount of concrete. While concrete has been used for thousands of years, the use. Cobiax [1] slabs contain synethic void forming modules making slabs up to 35% lighter. This has a huge benefit for floor slabs in buildings as. efficient economic sustainable lightweight concrete slabs. Germany. Heinze Cobiax Deutschland GmbH. Otto-von-Guericke-Ring D Wiesbaden.

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Joseph Moniera French gardener, patented a design for reinforced garden tubs inand later patented reinforced concrete beams and posts for railway and road guardrails. Cobiax is Cheaper than conventional systems, Savings can be achieved by: Moreover,the slab will not explode due to the escaping of over pressurised gas from the feet 4 feet for each formwork that act as safety valves. Cobbiax concrete then flows into the correct static structure; the formers keep the voids open.

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Can be used together slag prefabs. The voids in the concrete slab, which is to be cast later, are inserted in the form of void formers or structural formers, both made out of plastic.

Slab thickness from 15 to 50 cm Cobiax Benefits: Slab thickness from 20 to 40 cm with one layer Up to 70 cm with two layers.

But the use will always be very limited due to reduced resistances towards shear, local punching and fire. But the use of concrete, with its high consumption of resources, can be usefully optimised by the implementation of intelligent voided building methods; the Cobiax technology even offers a biaxial loadbearing effect.


So, construction companies, engineers, architects and builders can be assured that they will reap the benefits of the many advantages of Cobiax voided systems, without the slightest risk in terms of structural stability. Reduction in the number of pillars. Considerably increased usability Columns and beams limit the design possibilities for the entire space. The catch phrase “Wider Scopes” extends far beyond the possibilities for modern slab technology.

The Cobiax technology and products are internationally patented Expertise An important amount of tests and theoretical research on the subject of Cobiax slabs has been carried out by various academic institutions. In dynamic markets and social models, this flexibility offers considerable economic advantages.

The voided biaxial slabs technology is directly incorporated in international standards as the Eurocodes, and various national codes such as the CUR in the Netherlands. This technique provides structural continuity across the entire floor slab — the joints between elements are then redundant without any structural effect — to create a seamless biaxial floor slab.

It also increases the level of acceptance of the building methods by neighbouring residents and institutions.

Voided biaxial slab – Wikipedia

Therefore, it is with good reason that buildings that contain Cobiax technologies have won international prizes. Views Read Edit View history. In this way we are fulfilling an essential precondition of sustainable construction. Additional material savings can be achieved in the building structure.

Voided biaxial slab

It is a commitment to providing more room for play for people, in the scopes and spaces in which they live and work. What we mean by that? Our void former modules also help to reduce harmful environmental emissions in concrete slabs such as CO2 by saving concrete and steel — both energy-intensive building materials.

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Furthermore, thanks to the thinner walls and the fact that no support columns are required, the usable space increases. An important amount of tests and theoretical research on the subject of Cobiax slabs has been carried out by various academic institutions.

Due to the specific shape of the voids, there are no issues with internal pressure. Quick and easy to implement. The fire resistance is dependent on the temperature in the rebars and hence the transport of heat.

The Cobiax advantage for builders Reduction of costs Slabs, walls, columns and foundations can be optimised for the reduced load-bearing capacity — ckbiax are lighter and smaller, and coboax cheaper. The main difference between a solid slab and a voided biaxial slab refers to shear resistance. The limited thickness of the slabs is advantageous for the planning of the foundations and substructures: Leave out as much concrete as possible whilst maintaining the full flexural strength of the slab and allowing a bi-axial load transfer.

No beams between pillars. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. Volkmar Wanninger Managing Director. In principle, fixing of the ellipsoids can be made in numerous ways, but using only the reinforcement meshes reduces superfluous material consumption and allows for an optimal geometrical proportion between concrete, reinforcement and voids.

Resource efficiency leads to increased static performance, economic costing and sustainable building structures.

Higher profitability In many cases, the limited depth required for the slab, means that more storeys become possible.