The conventional Latin title is De Mirabilibus Auscultationibus or, more simply, De Mirabilibus. Although the work is certainly not by Aristotle. ELECTRYONE Η Ε Ρ ΩΝΗ East Adriatic in Pseudo-Aristotle’s De Mirabilibus Auscultationibus David Štrmelj University of Zadar [email protected] Abstract: . de Mirabilibus Auscultationibus (Classic Reprint) by Aristotle Aristotle, , available at Book Depository with free delivery.

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The Crows of Crannon. Pseudo-Aristotle rarely quotes his sources, but by comparison of his data with those from other ancient literally works, we can conclude that one of his main sources for East Adriatic was Theopompus of Chios.

They say that once in Tenos, the Thessalian city, one was killed by a woman, and this was the manner of its death.

Later on, when the Pelasgians, who were expelled from Argos, sailed there, Daedalus fled, and sailed to the island of Icarus. They do this because they have nothing to defend themselves with, a and because the points from which they have cast off their horns are painful.

They say that this has occurred even among some people in Greece, so that it shows no difference from old wine; but that when they sought for the mixture later they could not find it. The burning place is apparently not large, about enough to give room for five couches. Among scholars there are two main views on this problem, and as we will see, locating of Ardiaeian homeland is often conditioned by embedding of the territories of the Autaritae, and vice versa.

He also fought a dragon, founded new cities and institutionalised new cults. Consequently they honour storks, and it is unlawful to kill them; if anyone does so, he is liable to the same penalties as a murderer. Cash on Delivery Pay for your order in cash at the moment the shipment is auscultagionibus to your doorstep.

Standard domestic shipping service takes from days. None of them is allowed to possess any mirabilbius or silver article. The De Mirabilibus itself is notably reticent on this matter, only very rarely making any reference to its source materials.

Catalog Record: De mirabilibus auscultationibus | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Introduzione, traduzione, note e apparati. The salt was made to crystallise out of water which in the spring-time flowed at the foot of a certain mountain-glen; for if they drew off the water and stowed it away for five days the salt would become thoroughly crystallised. The Piety of Camels. Strabo mentiones Apsirtides in the north, Liburnides in front of the Liburnia propper and then the ‘other islands’ to the south Strabo VII. Sign in to use this feature.


East Adriatic in Pseudo-Aristotle’s De Mirabilibus Auscultationibus | David Štrmelj –

But this helps those who are possessed by an evil spirit; for, as soon as their noses are put against it, the evil spirit leaves them. In this place they say there are dogs which do mirabioibus harm to any Greeks who come there, but fawn on them as though they were their dearest friends.

At last the locust approaches ajscultationibus eats it. It is not hard to understand the context around this information – Velebit is a quite long mountain, which stretches over km along the Adriatic shore.

When the animal is struck with a weapon it flees, and only stops when it is quite exhausted. Forgotten Books uses state-of-the-art technology to digitally reconstruct the work, preserving the original format whilst repairing imperfections present in the aged copy. It is not true that no bird flies over it; for those who have been there assert that there are a quantity of swans on it.

They have therefore 20 most need of it for their cattle ; for they supply them with salt twice in the year ; but if they fail to do this, the result is that most of their cattle perish.

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And not far from this place there is a fire 20 burning at all times, as those who dwell in the neighbour- hood assert. The City of Oenarea. But when the wave falling on either of the spots, and flung as high as promontories, dashes back again into the sea flowing below, with a vast roar and with huge swift eddies the sea boils up and is mirabilibys high, seething from the depths and changing to every kind of colour; sometimes it appears black and sometimes blue, and then again purple.

Find more at www. Much of the book is at least of Peripatetic origin.

Veliko Rujno in Senjski zbornik Both are on level ground and not in high places. They say also that in Pithecusae the ground is fiery, and extraordi- 15 narily hot, yet not burning. Legend of the Bronze Neck- lace.

ps‑Aristotle • de Mirabilibus Auscultationibus

They say that the river Eridanus silted up these islands. This is a complete transcription of de Mirabilibus Auscultationibus sometimes attributed to Aristotle as published in the Loeb Classical Library Cambridge Mass. But the most wonderful thing is its changing its hair ; for other animals change the colour 15 of the skin, such as the chameleon and polypus.


When they have squeezed out the wax, they pour in water and boil in a cauldron, until only half the liquid is left; then they pour it into earthenware vessels; they say that it ausscultationibus in these for a long time, and that it becomes vinous, sweet and strong.

de Mirabilibus Auscultationibus (Classic Reprint)

In the Ascanian lake the water is so impregnated with 53 soda that garments have need of no auscu,tationibus cleansing sub- stance ; if one leaves them too long in the water auscultahionibus fall to pieces. Gold of the Oxus.

They say moreover that if ever Greeks disembark on the spot they keep quiet, but if any of the barbarians that live mirabi,ibus about land there, they rise and wheeling round attack their heads, and wounding them with their bills kill them. They say that Aulus the Peucestrian and Gaius who auscultationibhs going to give it to Cleonymus the Spartan were detected, and after cross-examination were put to death by the Tarentines.

Sylburg corrects to MaidiKrjp. Sometimes the waves crash against each other on both promontories and come together with a crash impossible to describe, and unbearable to look at; and sometimes, when they have parted after dashing against each other, so deep and terrifying is the appearance to those who are forced to see it that many cannot control themselves, but grow dizzy and fall down from fear. Next paragraph informs us with extraordinary fertility of cattle in Illyria. There is mirrabilibus spot in the middle in which, when mirahilibus common market is held, Lesbian, Chian and Thasian goods are bought from the merchants who come up from Pontus, and Corcyraean amphorae from those who come from the Adriatic.

And this they use as an argument to 25 prove that the wheat-fruit appeared first among them- selves ; whence also they lay claim to Demeter, affirming that the goddess was born amongst them. Those who dig for copper become very keen-sighted, and those who have no eyelashes grow them; hence doctors also use the flower of copper and Phrygian ash for the eyes.