Dome Camera Installation Manual Weatherproof and Indoor versions www. Contents Introduction. Menu System Manual. Page 4 of 1. THE DENNARD TYPE DOME CAMERA. The Dennard Dome Camera is a precision unit, offering a wide. The Dedicated Micros Camera has a number of features which can be selected by the System. Supervisor when the dome is installed. Any of these can be.

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Mounting brackets may have been ordered and delivered dennardd. Offer the bracket base casting into position and fasten to the wall using appropriate fixings. The location of the switches is also shown. Lift the dome to the bracket flange ensuring head of screws pass through the keyhole slots. The connector mates with the dome as shown in the image below.

This lead should be connected to the boxed P. Attach bond to a suitable secure position in the ceiling void. The RS wires are only connected when an RS controller is being used. Page 11 C into the keyhole slots on the base of the dome F enclosure. Arecont Vision Contera indoor dome series.

Posted June 22, Vandal resistant Additional info Advanced privacy patches, preset positions and tour facilities. Ceiling Mounting – Weatherproof Dome Attach the mounting disc B to the ceiling in the chosen position and fix 4x M6x16 socket head cap screws supplied into the bushes C as shown below. Unscrew the 6x fixings securing the outer hemisphere to the casing and remove.


Dedicated Micros range extended to include a new indoor dome. Cut or drill a hole in the ceiling in the required position using the pattern shown below.

Dedicated Mircros Dennard Installation manual |

Termination All Dedicated Micros domes are fitted with a termination switch, shown above. If mounting onto masonry, insert 4x M6 rawlplugs into the wall until flush.

Also, do I need to terminate the power and control twisted pairs that are also in the pigtail with the coax? Grip the inner hemisphere and rotate to adjust the Pan position of the camera. Ensure power drnnard OFF before connecting the dome.

Always support dome with bond prior to mating connector B. Finally secure the plastic cover to the metal pins on the bracket flange.

From above, clamp to the tile via 2 x off split clamp rings C.

Control Switches – Indoor Dome Remove and retain the four screws securing the shield to the head and lift off the shield. Page 14 Secure the mounting disc with 4 x supplied off M6 socket button head fixings D. We also use cookies to improve your online experience, Cookie Policy Got it.


Dennard Dedicated Micros 2060 D PTZ Dome Camera CCTV

Twist to locate and lock. Discard the standard bezel F. Such marking is indicative that this system meets the following technical standards. Page 32 – Dm fixed attitude dome camera – ‘zo This offers a range of features which are described below.


Use the serial port connection if serial telemetry is required. I did get a Vista DVR too. Safety Bond – Indoor Dome Attach bond to a suitable secure position in the ceiling void. Finally secure the plastic cover to the metal pins on the bracket flange C. This replaces the standard bezel F provided with the camera. I cannot get any information from the original installer etc. Fit the safety bond bracket E as shown.

Check the continuity on the power and video cables. This will provide a noticeable improvement in camera performance at both the wide and telephoto end of the lens zoom range. Unplug this apparatus during lightening storms or when unused for long periods of time. Page 35 Control Switches – Indoor Dome Locating the dome on the corner of a building will give an increased area of surveillance. Solution Reboot the controller with the joystick self centred.