View presentations and documents with title Difusion on SlideShare, the world’s largest Explica el proceso de Difusion, Osmosis y Dialisis en la celula. En la actualidad estamos asistiendo al auge de técnicas de diálisis en las que predomina el principio de convección sobre el de difusión y el debate que se. Contribuciones a la difusión de gases, líquidos, coloides, diálisis y osmosis Keywords. colloids. dialysis. diffusion. effusion. occlusion of gases. osmosis.

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Hay dos ejemplos sobre la importancia del grupo control: Krieter DH, Ddifusion B. Microbiological purity of dialysate for on-line substitution fluid preparation. Ther Apher Dial ; Is it time to make a change? C-reactive protein in patients on chronic hemodialysis with different techniques and different membranes. Ultrapure dialysis fluid lowers the cardiovascular morbidity in patients on maintenance hemodialysis by reducing continuous microinflammation.

Clinical manifestations of AB-amyloidosis: Inflammation and dialysate quality. Switch from bicarbonate t hemodiafiltration with online regeneration of the ultrafiltrate: Dialysate related citokine induction and response to recombinant human erythropoietin in haemodialysis patients.

Improvement of anemia in hemodialysis patients treated by hemodiafiltration with highvolume on-line-prepared substitution fluid. Lederer SR, Schiffl H.


Difusión, ósmosis y diálisis by Sandra Jaramillo on Prezi

Van Ypersele de Strihou. The effect of hemodialysis and acetate- free biofiltration on anemia. Detection and significance for patient outcomes.

Comparison of mortality in ESRD patients on convective and diffusive extracorporeal treatments. Reduction of hypotensive side effects during online-haemodiafiltration and low temperature haemodialysis.

J Ren Nutr ; A prospective clinical study. Improved iron utilization and reduced erythropoietin resistance by on-line hemodiafiltration.

Effect of haemodiafiltration with online regeneration of ultrafiltrate on oxidative stress in dialysis patients. Effect of a hemodiafiltration session osmosiis on-line regeneration of the ultrafiltrate on oxidative stress. Bacterial DNA prolongs the survival of inflamed mononuclear cells in haemodialysis patients.

The best dialysis therapy?

Blood Purif ;22 Suppl 2: Ther Apher Dial ;9: Chronic inflammation and mortality in haemodialysis: Comparison between hemofiltration and hemodiafiltration in a long-term prospective cross-over study. A prospective randomized study.

Comparison of predilution hemodiafiltration and low-flux hemodialysis at temperature controlled conditions using high calcium-ion concentrqtion in the replacement and dialysis fluid. Hemodynamics and electrolyte balance: Effect of dialysis membrane and patient’s age on signs of dialysis-related amyloidosis.

Remarkable removal of beta2-microglobulin.

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Thermal effects and blood pressure response during postdilution hemodiafiltration and hemodialysis: Cuprophan but not synthetic membrane induces increases in serum tumor necrosis factor-alpha levels during hemodialysis. Effects of high-flux dia,isis on clinical outcomes: On-line haemodiafiltration versus low-flux haemodialysis.


The Working Party on Dialysis Amyloidosis. Dialysis membrane-dependent removal of middle molecules during hemodiafiltration: Kidney Int ;43 Suppl Int J Artif Organs ; Ultrapure dialysate reduces plasma levels of beta2-microglobulin and pentosidine in hemodialysis patients.

Increased binding of beta2-microglobulin to blood cells in dialysis patients treated with high-flux dialyzers compared with low-flux membranes contributed to reduced beta2-microglobulin concentrations. Osteocalcin and myoglobin removal in on-line hemodiafiltration versus low- and high-flux hemodialysis. Comparative study with conventional hemodialysis with polysulfone.

Are standards for dialysate purity in hemodialysis insufficiently strict?

Convective dialysis therapies, current status and perspective. Transmembrane pressure modulation in high-volume mixed hemodiafiltration to optimize efficiency and minimize protein loss.

Mortality risk for patients receiving hemodiafiltration versus hemodialysis. Pre-dilution haemofiltration-the Sardinian multicentre studies: Impact of shifting treatment modality.