Camax stock and supply Elster A’s in either 5A Current Transformer Connection or A Direct Connection. This document is intended as a guide to help Suppliers of Elster Metering Systems Your Elster A Meter has been chosen by your Service Provider to . A Three-phase CT Meter available at MWA Technology. Speedy delivery from direct Rating. A, Elster three phase electricity CT meter, 5/10/ A.

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Programming The Meter If a request for a small adjustment I can imagine how frustrating it can be when things don’t work as expected. Time-of-use Registers Section If your country is not included in this list please e-mail admin test-meter.

It’s also convenient for me as I like to dabble with these things: With a year product life, the A provides excellent, reliable electricity usage monitoring for a wide range of environments, and has several different features to allow for power cuts, tampering, and electricity pulses. Graph Load Profile readings can be displayed as a graph.

For new connections refer to Section 8.

It is therefore important to choose an antenna most suitable for your installation. In practice it’s unlikely you’ll do any harm to the RS interface with wrong connections, so if you have an idea of the baud rate it can’t do any harm just using a terminal emulator on the PC and finding the correct connections by trial and error.

The internal clock with battery back-up ensures that recordings are accurately timed and the comprehensive security measures make sure that information is correct. Using the Summary Page All items shown in bold will be programmed to the meter. I haven’t used the Open Energy Monitor system as I have a specific requirement here, I ended up using a networked Arduino Ethernet board with a custom built shield with interfaces for the meters and energy monitor we have here.


Up to 32 Exclusion Dates can be programmed. A way D type way D type way D type 5: The register will then roll over to 0. Switching Times There may be special days in the year when the tariff does not follow the normal pattern, e. Options obey standard Windows conventions and are viewed by pointing at the right pane of the Scheme manager, then right clicking the mouse. The number of times the cover has been removed to a maximum of 65, is recorded together with the time and date stamps of the last 3 occurrences.

Add to Basket QTY. If you’re up for it try writing your own software for the Emonpi, there appears to be plenty of info available here on the interfaces etc. An optional external battery that supports the reading of meter data and display facilities during power outages can be provided.

Elster A1140 MID Polyphase Electricity Meter in CT or Direct Connection

RES files to be deleted. Only registered users can write reviews.

The default destination is C: An example of a switching program is below. When you have chosen the folder: There are currently no reviews for this product. The Meter manager consists of three components. The port can operate at baud rates of up to I’m in the UK, the generation meter is required as we have to post the readings up every month in order to get paid for the power we generate.

Opening folders In the Scheme Manager, double click the leftmost mouse button on Schemes. Secure the lower end of the meter to the board using two 5mm dia. Suitable for monitoring both three- and single-phase systems Appropriate for CT and whole current in commercial and light-industrial environments Highly secure and elsteer to tampering, power surges, and power cuts. Tariff Structure 8 Time-of-use TOU registers 4 Maximum demand registers 48 Switching times 6 Seasons 12 Change of season dates 32 Exclusion dates 13 End of billing dates Independent day control Daylight saving Deferred tariff Data Storage A Up to days of half hour data for one channel Programmable integration period Four channels of load profile storage for any measured quantity Instrumentation values Security The meter offers high security with many useful security features.


Priority services are available to UK mainland residents only this might exclude certain areas in z1140 north of Scotland. Especially when the goods are often essential to your working day. Context Menu with the options shown opposite becomes available.

Introduction Communications are provided via the optical IEC port and are supported by data stream mode, allowing fast reading of meter data. It is, however, the responsibility of the installer to ensure that an installed s1140 conforms to the directives.

ELSTER A Maximum Demand Meter

Date – newest first Date – oldest first. Data Stream Mode Double click on the new data to read in the scheme manager Double click one of the readings to view the data read back from the meter.

An optional battery See Section 20 supports the port during power outages.