EMC Clariion – Possible Questions for Interview – Download as Word Doc .doc /. docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. (apologies in advance if anyone feels this is posted in the wrong forum). I’m applying for a server analyst job with an organisation that has a. SAN Interview questions (EMC Storage – Clariion, DMX and VMAX) What is Power path? Power path CLI to manage disks List Power path policy What is Vault.

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Allows the allocation of portions of cache to specific device groups.

Presents a virtual storage system. Report Attrition rate dips in corporate India: Attach the Service Processor to your network. Provisioning and resource allocation. Interview Questions and Answers. Fully Automated Storage Tiering FAST ijterview Reduces cost for performance, saves energy, and clarriion storage tier management by allowing the dynamic allocation of data across storage tiers, based on user defined policies and on the changing performance requirements of the applications.

The LCC contains bypass circuitry that allows continued operation of the loop in the event of port failure.

Emc Vmax Interview Questions & Answers

What is the recommended ration of Read and Write cache? Monitors for user-configurable events. Thank you Lakshman for interview questions. How do you monitor Clariion alerts? The data device sizes should be as large as possible to minimize the number of devices required to encompass the desired overall pool capacity. Symconfigure -sid “SymID” list -reserved.

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How do you upgrade the NaviSphere Manager? Quedtions to four concurrent configuration change sessions are allowed to run at the same time, when they are non-conflicting.

Welcome to Microstare

How do you deregister the hosts from NaviSphere? Reduces disk contention and enhances performance. Up to GB global memory. Reports those events in user-configurable ways. If possible remove the zone and create it back. Posted by Lakshman at 3: Thank you Ramesh for answers This means that multiple parallel configuration change sessions can run at the same time as long as the changes do not include any conflicts on Device back-end port, Device front-end port and on Device.

It is recommended that interviiew devices in a pool all reside on drives that have the same rotational speed. Why Access Logix has to be enabled?

Lakshman July 28, at 2: It is recommended that all data devices in a pool are of the same size. Rise in Demand for Talent Here’s how to train middle managers This is how banks are emcc startups Nokia to cut thousands of jobs. Anonymous October 28, at 7: After this just refresh it.

Anonymous March 19, at Maximize return on investment. Maintaining copies of read and write data.

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What are Vault drives and how much capacity they use? Anonymous January 21, at 5: The managefiles command will transfer the data file to the Navisphere CLI directory where the command was invoked.

If it is Registered and not logged in then you need to check the Zoning side and physical connectivity.

Read This Tips for writing resume in slowdown What do employers look for in a resume? Anonymous May 28, at Data Center Management Practice Tests. Eliminates of searching for required storage on arrays.

How do you create a user and assign access rights? How do you create a user and assign access rights?

Data Center Management Interview Questions. Initiators can be dynamically added or removed from initiator groups.

Interview Questions – SAN Admin – A Guide to Storage & Backup Administrators

To qjestions the time in searching for all the topics related EMC Vmax on different websites we have provided you with all types of topics at one place. Memory budgets for caching and for snap sessions, mirrors, clones, copies. What are pre requisites for LUN migration?

What are steps to assign a LUN to existing Host?