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Rectification Power Supply Designer: Buy a lot of crystals: Measure replacement data Crystal Filter Design 2: Let’s get serial UT The calculations are all done with Javascript. You turned it off, so they do not work.

EFRATOM LPRO Rubidium 10MHz Fre Standard Easy Kit +24V , 30 days warranty! | eBay

As there is almost everything done, we may use the space and time saved to build an interface with some additional features. An Atmega 8 reads some analog voltages like supply or lamp voltage and feeds an lcd with the data.


The words “locked”, printed on a screen or display are more informative than just a led, which when not lit mayst be defective. Beyond that, it is the occasion to learn this ADC stuff, sleeping up to now in the Atmega: The circuit is straightforward.

EFRATOM 10mhz Lpro Rubidium Frequency Standard Oscillator 24v Sine Wave | eBay

The power supply has been designed out of the case. This allows for battery powering, when necessary. This guarantees, that the analogue inputs of the Atmega stay below 2.

None of those measurements are time critical, so running at 1 MHz is absolutely sufficient. The circuit was realised on a double sided pcb.

In case the serial comunication is used, the crystal may be adapted, depending on the datarate.

When switched on, the device draws about 1. The current then reduces to less than mA, when the cavity is heated. The lcd draws approx mA. After some minutes, the lamp voltage reaches its final value of approx.


The heatsink turned out to be slightly oversized: Thank you Mario for pointing me to this important setting!