Execution has ratings and reviews. Al said: Execution: The discipline of Getting Things Done: Larry Bossidy and Ram CharanCentral Truths. Execution. The Discipline of Getting Things Done. Larry Bossidy and Ram Charan. Hardcover: pages. Publisher: Crown Business; 1. Execution (with Ram Charan). Political party, Republican. Spouse(s), Nancy (m. ). Children, 9. Lawrence Arthur “Larry” Bossidy (born March 5, ) is an American author and retired.

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It is a good thing to view the world of work from the hossidy level instead of the trenches. Execution stresses a more hands-on approach to leadership. It’s rare to find a book like this that blends smart practice with intelligent articulation of how to get things done. I have found it invaluable in transforming organizations of all sizes. Authenticity — walk your talk, be real.

Lawrence Bossidy

A good strategic plan is a set of directions you want to take. I finally tossed this edecution aside after about the 84,th mention of Jack Welch, in such s A rambling mess that seemed to have never crossed an editor’s desk, this book read as though it was literally spoken into a tape recorder, transcribed and then published. But now everything moves much faster, and Wall Street measures success in quarters, not years.

They failed to execute. A former manager of mine once told me to read this book. It’s rare to find a book like this that blends smart practice with intellig “Execution may very well be the best business book of the year, and one of the most useful to have come around in a long time. Increase population of A-players: Robust dialogue makes an organization effective in gathering information, understanding the information, and reshaping it to produce decisions.


I might have missed the point of this book, but what I came away with was: Well, it ain’t in this book, gang.

Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done

Is here life full of achievement and accomplishment 3rd Paragraph — Pg. C—Having the right people in the right place 1. I desire a personal culture or execution and therefore will continue to reference this book.

It includes making assumptions about the business environment, assessing the organizations capabilities, linking strategy to operations and the people who are going to implement the strategy, synchronizing those people and bosaidy various disciplines, and linking rewards to outcomes.

Nov 10, Pages. They do people a great disservice by not confronting their shortcomings.

Show up with an open mind and a positive demeanor, be bossiddy and have sense of humor. Do we have the right strategy for this economy? Books by Larry Bossidy. I also learned that business plans have to be so detailed, they become daily guides.

One of his most important jobs at General Electric was as chief operating officer of General Electric Credit Corporation [5] from to Yet of all the books in this category of literature that I have read, I always encounter the same problem. I understan that is the primary area of expertise of the author, but I would like to read a book thi Allied Signal, boossidy in the aerospace, aviation, and military industries adopted the Honeywell name, as Honeywell’s product diversity provided greater notoriety in the consumer market.


Mechanical evaluations miss how candidates performed in meeting their commitments. I still, highly recommend this book. All that aside, I enjoyed it and I have retrieved some useful nuggets of information that I am able to apply in my current position which is far from the CEO suite. Insist on realism 3. The book that shows how to get the job done and deliver results. Must be able to speak forthrightly in evaluating others, if not, evaluation is worthless.

Good one time read and should be used as a milestone to move to lrary literature on execution frameworks. Buy the Audiobook Download: Nothing is more important than people, candid dialogue leads to realistic plans, following up is crucial in implementation of a strategy.

Lawrence Bossidy – Wikipedia

Not an easy read, but great stuff. It’s really more suited to a motivational speech or a Tom Peters interview.

Views Read Edit View history. It’s the leader’s job first and foremost to ensure the overall plan is executed. Then come up short, you provide additional coaching, withdraw rewards, give them other jobs, or let them go.