(2) Invisible Contracts is actually a letter in book form. The “letter” is addressed to a “Mr. May”, who wrote. Mr. Mercier in connection and in response to a. Invisible Contracts [George Mercier] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of the reasons why lawyers try and raise numerous. Back in the mids, an author named “George Mercier” wrote a long treatise he described From reading Mercier’s Invisible Contracts, it appears to me that he.

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Yet, notwithstanding the fact that they had no insurance contract, it remains true that the agency under your direction repeatedly in public statements, by pamphlets, radio addresses, and by other means, told the people of the country that they had insurance.

I am sure it did. We have also established that there is no insurance contract between the Government and the worker within a covered wage whereby the rights and obligations of a contracrs are set; that is correct, is it not? It is a well established legal principle that any American government engaged geore commercial endeavors is subject to the same rules of commerce as are private individuals. We came to an agreement on one of our major premises, that this was no insurance contract, and the words did not come from me.

In National Association of Regional Councils v.

There are lots of phony admiralty arguments being promoted in the freedom movement, all asserting essentially an argument that admiralty has invaded “inland”, and “everything is admiralty”.

He condemns the tyranny of present-day American government, and such writing is popular, both with me and other Americans. GibsonP.


George Mercier’s “Invisible Contracts”

Mercier also had a chapter of his work making some vague contention georgr admiralty. What is important is that Phil Marsh started an organization named the Pilot Connection Society back at the end of the s, and the central legal argument that he promoted was based entirely on Invisible Contracts.

CostleF. You did not establish that.

Invisible Contracts

However, American law is not exclusively contract based, yet this is the precise contention asserted by Mercier. A writing is not insufficient because it omits or incorrectly states a term agreed upon, but the contract is not enforceable under this paragraph beyond the quantity of goods shown in such writing.

BelcherU. Secondly, there is no corresponding and enforceable “promise to pay” from the Social Security Administration to its “beneficiaries.

During this hearing, various parties stated that social security was not a contract: His work is easy to read, is entertaining and interesting; he chocks his work with lots of stories about kercier Rockefellers and other elites in our society and across invvisible world. HardeeF. For example, in Lynch v. Appropriations permit an agency to incur obligations and to make payments on obligations.

I have answered your question, sir. It is easy to demonstrate the operation of this provision of the Constitution merciwr its application to government contracts. Typically, contracts for the sale of land, contracts for the sale of goods over bux, all other contracts in excess of bux, agreements to answer for the debts of others, contracts that have a life in excess of one year, etc.

I could be wrong, but I have concluded that Mercier first wrote some treatise of his legal argument that was purely theoretical. Marsh was prosecuted and convicted, and died in jail.



That does not mean that I do not want to do my full part to do justice to them and to carry out and make good on the moral commitment that has been made to them. Altmeyer, there being no contractual obligation between the Government and the worker, it follows, does it not, that the benefit payments under title II of the Social Security Act are merely statutory benefits which Congress may withdraw or alter at any time?

These “promise to pay” elements are essential for a contract, but they simply are not present with Social Security. It requires a subsequent appropriation or some other source of funds before the obligation incurred may actually be liquidated by the outlay of monies. Contract authority is legislative authorization for an agency to create obligations in advance of an appropriation.

The witness at the hearing was Dr. Two such Alabama laws appear below: But, all of that is irrelevant regarding his fundamental legal argument. GoldfarbU. Mercier’s “book” advocated that a citizen should give King government a wide variety of notices rescinding the “Invisible Contracts”, and Marsh’s organization did precisely this for hundreds of people. Congress knew that, did it not? If Congress decided tomorrow to cut off all Social Security benefits, nobody would have any claim for payment.

And he has no insurance contract?

They were volunteered by Mr. Thus, no officer of the Federal Government is authorized to pay a debt due from the U.