Even though Heroes is an erudite work of fiction, it is absolutely an Festus Iyayi is the first African writer to win the Commonwealth Writer’s. Festus Iyayi () is one of the pioneer of social realism in African novel. Besides Violence (), The Contract (), Heroes (). Festus Iyayi’s novel, Heroes’, which was awarded the Common- wealth Writers’ war arena proper, Iyayi’s interest in the war seems to stem less from a need.

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Victor Arua rated it it was ok May 27, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Corruption and exploitation of the masses is very evident in Heroes. Yes this is simply the first of many because the greed of the ruling class knows no bounds. Galadima Zakari marked it as to-read Nov 13, We loot our neighbour’s property, we set fire to his house because we say he is on the other side. To read between the lines and etc.

Everything carries a message of death to which even birds in the street were silent. It is a political philosophy, economic and social world view based upon a materialistic interpretation of history, a Marxist analysis of Capitalism, a theory of social change and an atheist view of human liberation.

They view the war as a call to national service and take excessive pride in killing and maiming people who few months earlier they regard as their brothers and sisters.


Festus Iyayi Biography

To ask other readers questions about Heroesplease sign up. Karima Mahdi added it Feb 23, I am not going to sleep anymore.

We are provide affordable Packers and Movers services in Pune. He employed a realistic style of writing, depicting the heeroes, political and moral environment and system both the rich and poor live and work in.

Marxist analysis of human events and productions focuses on relationship among socio iyay classes, both within a society and among societies and explains all human activities in terms of the distribution and dynamics of economic power. We loot, we burn, we rape, we murder, lie and steal. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Iyayi’s criticism of Nigerian society is relentless in all festtus novels, but even among the dire revelations and depressing reality of the polarities of privation and opulence in Nigeria, he offers an encouraging creed for social change: Even though Heroes is an erudite work of fiction, it is absolutely an eye-opener and and a great insight into the Nigerian civil war Biafran war.

Content on this website is from high-quality, licensed material originally published in heroew form.

Mary Okeke Reviews: Heroes, , Festus Iyayi ****

Tim marked it as to-read Aug 14, Few months afterwards the Major was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. Kennedy and Dana Gioia eds They are corrupt and do not care about the safety of their troops and are ready to sacrifice them for their own well being. The rank and file do all the jobs while the officers collect all the glory.


The generals who steal the salary and pension of the fallen comrades or those working class who keep the unity of the country with their blood? They in turn release their anger and frustration not upon the deserving ruling class, but amongst themselves.

Festus Iyayi

Another thing that will factor in is the greed and selfishness of the iyayl army officers and politicians. Prices drastically rise and people have to travel far away to buy commodities. A person is exploited if he or she performs more labor than necessary to produce the goods that he consumes; likewise a person is an exploiter if he or she performs less labor than is necessary to produce the goods that he or she consumes. Suprisingly, I realized that most novels I have read so far regarding the war were written from the view point of the Igbos.

Iyai fextus a prolific writer and reading the novels gives the reader and any other audience a serious reason to think about our country. Mary Iyayl 6 August at As in his previous work, Iyayi’s style is forceful and bold. I enjoyed reading it. They steal the people blind and employ the wealth of the masses to further impoverish them. Abdellah Mourabit added it Nov 06, The atmosphere is ghastly horrific.