Highland Destiny By Laura Hunsaker – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Being that the Laura Harner plagiarism drama was going down, I honestly thought Kobo pulled it thinking it was her Highland Destiny. “Would it be alright if we just chatted? Talked, I mean.” “What would ye like to talk about my Lady?” Bronwyn still sounded unsure, but she came back into.

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When he follows, she attempts to kill him with the dagger but she is thwarted, and he then tries to rape her, only to be stopped when Connor pulls him off. Jul 05, Ren rated it really liked it Recommends it for: While still dealing with the shock of being abducted into another time, their carriage is stopped and Mackenzie is abducted again!

Well I finally managed to get my hands on an ebook version of this book. She is to distract the evil John Campbell by playing the role of his bethrothed, so his rival Connor MacRae can destroy him.

Highland Destiny

I can’t believe I am even saying that. Your bodies are normally decorated in delicious battlefield scars You have a nommy tendency to wear leather pants You rock a kilt You have an accent that makes me go squee You have hair that I am able to sink my hands in You always have a nice gruff of 5 o’clock shadow You’ll speak gaelic to me even if I don’t know what you are whispering in my ear You have piercing eyes that would melt an iceberg Your broad shoulders and stron Oh you rock hard delicious broodys.

Their plan is successful. But then, Liam and his allies come to help Connor, during highlanx time the Campbell grabs Mackenzie by the throat and holds a knife to it.


We’re in some of the same groups; we chat about what we’re reading. As if she would let the heavy drowsy feeling coming over her take charge. This is the first time travel romance I’ve read in a very long time, and I really enjoyed it.

She was actually quite a strong character considering the fact that she suddenly finds herself years back in time, in the middle of a blood feud, where laurs fierce leaders fight over her. Mar 30, Dinjolina rated it it was amazing Shelves: Thankfully, I knew this wasn’t going to be a problem, just a few pages into my read. We don’t know if he has made a pack with the devil, has natural magical ability gone awry, or if he is drinking blood under a full moon.

Highland Destiny by Laura Hunsaker – FictionDB

View all 32 comments. When she wakes, she persuades Connor to teach her how to use a sword. We know how the plot proceeds. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. It did take me a bit to become involved in this book, but once I found myself absor I love the idea of being able to step through a gate into a different place and time. For a book of pages it gives the reader all the romance, adventure, drama and thrills of a much longer novel! View all 10 comments.

Mackenzie bit her lip and ventured a peek at Connor from the corner of her eyes. Her eyebrows snapped down in confusion, and then back up as her eyes widened and she grasped his dare. I love this book. His motivations are stated but we don’t know w Although this book was not very original highlsnd it’s time travel concept, it had a special charm.


Mackenzie is a virginal heroine, but she is feisty and bold. But his eyes dared her right back. This is the book for you!! In this story, it’s just all too easy Despite the fact that she believed that Connor didn’t love her, Mackenzie feels it is the most beautiful night of her life.

I highlabd it when a fantasy theme is introduced like that from the very beginning.

Which thankfully Laura provided plenty of! But then, he is hunsakdr with almost undeniable evidence that it was Mackenzie and the Campbell’s plan all along to make him like her and get him into bed, in order to distract him. Yeah, deshiny order to save the world it seems that mild mannered Mackenzie has to marry the evil dude as well as save the world. The details of the Highlanders time was remarkable and you could tell that a lot of attention to detail was mad I have always had a soft spot for Highland Romance and this book was no exception.

And of course, in the end, everyone’s happy. It has been a very long time since I just enjoyed a love story for just being a love story. There is love, hunsake, jealousy, suspense, action, thrill, adventure and mystery. May 13, Jen Davis rated it it was amazing Shelves: No mention of dizziness or lights or sounds or anything that would indicate she even knew she’d time traveled.

After they leave, she is shocked to see Connor laua into her room.