I on the other hand enjoyed Itzykson & Zuber’s textbook. It was very clear, . Real men learn QFT from the collected works of Julian Schwinger. Itzykson C., Zuber J.B., Quantum field theory. One of my personal This book will teach you that there is another way to do QFT. One that is. C. Itzykson and J.-B. Zuber, Quantum Field Theory, McGraw-Hill, Corresponding chapters in books of Ryder, Peskin & Schroeder and Srednicki.

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It is not overly technical and it covers a wide range of different topics, always from a very intuitive and modern point of view. Don’t tell him I itzykspn that! Shirkov, Quantum Fields, 3rd edition They are very good, but I don’t know these modern books I believe that for a second course of quantum field theory can be good, because the Bogoliubov books are very old.

But some people do love the book, so to each their own. Education questions Inquiries about studying physics should be posted in our weekly Careers and Education thread.

April 14, at 8: It happened the first time I went through QFT in grad school, I’m sure it will happen again now that I haven’t been thinking about physics constantly for a while: It is widely used as a text and for good reasons.

One may see why. Permian I’ve only had a very superficial look at that book, and I can’t really say I’m a fan of the style. I’m not sure this book is very good as an introduction; the first few chapters are accessible but the book quickly gains momentum. It’s the kind of thing you want to read for the first time. On the other hand, I – as a physicist – found some chapters of this book very useful myself.


Then they write out the functional measure omitting factors arising due to the Jacobian and other things. It’s unitary mod N.

As a prerequisite you should have heard about quantum itzyson. I wouldn’t necessarily say messy, they’re just very cavalier at times and won’t hesitate to skip steps and omit clarifying explanations.

The book by Zee, Quantum Field Theory in a Nutshellis good for someone with background on gravity and condense matter, but will mess up the beginner’s mind with bombarding of variety of topic.

The one I recommend, and the one I wish it had been recommended to me is: But they are better at Critical Phenomena. Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics. April 13, at 9: The lack of quality sources is grounds for removal at moderator discretion. This two-part approach begins with the standard quantization of electrodynamics, culminating in the perturbative renormalization.

Quantum Field Theory

They state that this is a unitary transformation, but it’s not. In spite of its title, I’m not sure mathematicians will find this book particularly clear or useful.

In any case, what book do you recommend for a mathematician student who wants to learn QFT? The one I recommend, and the one I wish it had been recommended to me is:. Sign up using Facebook. To do so they define a lattice and introduce a Fourier series transformation on the field variables.


It is short and clean, and it contains many ifzykson remarks.

The appendices are particularly useful IMHO. I consider it more of a reference textbook where I can check single chapters when I need to refresh some concept. Perhaps the motivation to go to escape towards strings? Although highly idiosyncratic, it is an excellent book that teaches one a lot of things not found in many books.

The book is rather precise in its statements, and the author is upfront about technical difficulties and the ill-definedness is this a word?

QFT text for self-study? : Physics

Not a QFT book per se, but it contains a lot of material that is essential if one wants to formulate and understand Zubrr properly. I felt the same way about it – it seemed like a series of vignettes with no continuous train of thought, skipping most of the details along the way. Everything is explained from first principles. Fetter and Walecka makes a good addition as it’s more recent while still employing the same methodology.

Maybe I was underprepared. Its fascinating to watch him chain smoke in the classroom, but the board is completely unreadable.