Josephine Mutzenbacher or The Story of a Viennese Whore, as Told by Herself is an erotic Although the German-language text makes use of witty nicknames — for instance, the curate’s genital is called “a hammer of mercy” — for human. Josefine Mutzenbacher: Meine Liebhaber – (Josephine Mutzenbacher: My of the text of Josephine Mutzenbacher at the AuerspergTheater in Vienna. Josefine Mutzenbacher: oder Die Geschichte einer Wienerischen Dirne von ihr selbst erzählt (in German). by Felix Salten · Project Gutenberg Release #

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The novel is famous [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] in the Mutzeenbacher world, having been in print in both German and English for over tet and sold over 3 million copies, [7] [8] becoming an erotic bestseller. Although no author claimed responsibility for the work, it was originally attributed to either Felix Salten see Bambi or Arthur Schnitzler by the librarians at the University of Vienna. It also describes, to some extent, the social and economical conditions of the lower class of that time.

The novel has been translated into English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Mmutzenbacher, Hungarian, Hebrew, Dutch, Japanese, Swedish and Finnish, and been the subject of numerous films, theater productions, parodies, and university courses, as well as two sequels. The plot device employed mutzenbacheg Josephine Mutzenbacher is that of first-person narrative, structured in the format of a memoir. The story is told from the point of view of an accomplished aging year-old Viennese courtesan who is looking back upon the sexual escapades she enjoyed during her unbridled youth in Vienna.

Contrary to the title, almost the entirety of the book takes place when Josephine is between the ages of 5—12 years old, before she actually becomes a licensed prostitute in the brothels of Vienna. The book begins when she is five years old and ends when she is twelve years old and about to enter professional service in a brothel.

Although the book makes use of many “euphemisms” for human anatomy and sexual behavior that kosefine quaint today, its content is tfxt pornographic. The actual progression of events amounts to little more than a graphic, unapologetic description of the reckless sexuality exhibited by the heroine, all before reaching her 13th year.

The style bears more than a passing resemblance to the Marquis de Sade ‘s The Days of Sodom in its unabashed “laundry list” cataloging of all manner of taboo sexual antics from incest and rape to child prostitution, group sex and fellatio.

However, the significance of the case came to eclipse Josephine Mutzenbacher as an individual work, because it set a precedent as to which has a larger weight in German Law: Freedom of Expression or The Protection of the Youth.


In Germany there is a process known as Indizierung indexing. Items that are “indexed” placed on the list cannot be bought by anyone under When an item is placed on the list, it is not allowed to be sold at regular bookstores or retailers that young people have access to, nor is it allowed to be advertised in any manner.

Aus Dem Tagebuch Der Josefine Mutzenbacher 05theclassicporn. / ZB Porn

An item that is placed on the list becomes very difficult for adults to access as a result of these restrictions. The issue underlying the Mutzenbacher Decision is not whether the book is legal for adults to buy, own, read, and sell — that is not disputed.

The case concerns whether the intrinsic merit joseflne the book as a work of art supersedes the potential harm its controversial contents could have on the impressionable minds of minors and whether or not it should be “indexed”. However, an important distinction needs to be made: A piece of media that has been “indexed” has not been banned, censored or denied to adult consumers in any official way. In the s, two separate publishing houses made reprints of the original Josephine Mutzenbacher.

Aus Dem Tagebuch Der Josefine Mutzenbacher 07theclassicporn.

In Dehli Publishers of CopenhagenDenmark published a two volume edition, and in the German publisher Rogner and Bernhard printed another edition. The BPJM maintained that the book was pornographic and dangerous to minors because it contained explicit descriptions of sexual promiscuity, child prostitution, and incest as its exclusive subject matter, and promoted these activities as positive, insignificant, and even humorous behaviors in a manner devoid of any artistic value.

The BPjM stated that the contents of the book justified it being placed on the “list of youth-endangering media” so that its availability to minors would be restricted.

In a third publishing house attempted to issue a new version of Josephine Mutzenbacher that included a foreword and omitted the “glossary of Viennese Prostitution Terms” from the original version.

The BPjM again placed Josephine Mutzenbacher on its “list of youth-endangering media” and the Rowohlt Publishing house filed an appeal with The Bundesverfassungsgericht Federal Constitutional Court of Germany on the grounds that Josephine Mutzenbacher was a work of art that minors should not be restricted from reading.

The Court prefaced their verdict by referring to two other seminal freedom of expression cases from previous German Case Law, the Mephisto Decision and the Anachronistischer Decision. The court ruled that under the German Grundgesetz constitution chapter about Kunstfreiheit Freedom of art the novel Josephine Mutzenbacher was both pornography and art, and that the former is not necessary and sufficient to deny the latter.


In plain English, even though the contents of Josephine Mutzenbacher are pornographic, they are still considered art and in the process of “indexing” the book, the aspect of freedom of art has to be considered. The court’s ruling forced the BPjM to temporarily remove the Rowohlt edition of Josephine Mutzenbacher from its “list of youth-endangering media”. This edition was added to the list again in in a new decision of the BPjM which considered the aspect of freedom of art, but deemed the aspect of protecting children to be more important.

Later editions of the book by other publishers were not added to the list. Two novels, also written anonymously, which present a continuation of the original Josephine Mutzenbacherhave been written. However, they are not generally ascribed to Felix Salten. The title’s similarity to Josephine Mutzenbacher, being only two letters different, is a play on words that is not just coincidence. Josephine Mutzenbacher has been included in several university courses and symposium.

The Viennese a cappella quartet 4she regularly performs a cabaret musical theatre production based on Josephine Mutzenbacher called “The 7 Songs of Josefine Mutzenbacher” “Die 7 Lieder der Josefine Mutzenbacher”. The show is a raunchy, humorous parody of the novel, set in a brothel, that runs approximately 75 minutes.

From Josephine Mutzenbacher to Bambi” where the life and work of Felix Salten was on display, tfxt ran from December to March Plot The plot device employed in Josephine Mutzenbacher is that of first-person narrative, structured in the format of a memoir. Abstract “Pornography and Art are not Mutually Exclusive”. Preface In Germany there is a process known as Indizierung indexing. The history In the s, two separate publishing houses made reprints of the original Josephine Mutzenbacher.

Derivative works Literature Continuations Volume 2: The politics of prostitution: Mahlon Blaine Bio and Bib. Retrieved on 28 November Zensur in der Literatur. The language of journalism. Davies; with and introduction and notes by Ritchie Robertson Round dance and other plays.

Aus Dem Tagebuch Der Josefine Mutzenbacher 07theclassicporn. / ZB Porn

A Journalist’s Life in Central Europe. The Vienna Coffeehouse Wits, — Institute of Global Law. Retrieved 9 April Sie singt wieder Tvmedia NR. Works by Felix Salten. Ferdinand und die Mutzenbacherin.

Josefine Mutzenbacher by Felix Salten

Josefine Mutzenbacher- Wie sie wirklich war 1. Die Beichte der Josefine Mutzenbacher. Aus dem Tagebuch der Josefine Mutzenbacher. Das Lustschloss der Josefine Mutzenbacher.

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