In other words, a joseki is fair to both players. A player should of course prefer a variation that gives a favorable result, but be satisfied with joseki in the context of . Josekipedia strives to be the most complete joseki resource on the planet, in a joseki, and you later turn to a joseki dictionary to see what that move means. Kogo’s Joseki Dictionary was last updated: Wednesday, February 25, Kogo’s Joseki Dictionary (KJD) is the world’s most extensive software joseki.

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Josekis continually evolve, and without a dictionary that evolves, you can never completely trust your source. Please do not believe all you see on kogo’s or josekipedia. Sensei’s Library sure has a lot of content sequences, variations, discussions and yes, even mistakes about divtionary, but neither is nor tries at all to be a joseki dictionary in the proper sense.

It was compiled and edited by Gary Odom until early Wikipedia is an example of this. GendaiJosekiJiten But I am not actually sure what that is, if it is equal to http: But some Josekis like are unfortunatelly missing there. It seems like they don’t check the email they give at their homepage Additionally, many moves are dependent on considerations outside the corner, and the context is key to understanding the value of the move. I don’t know who runs that one, but if they are reading this, much kudos!

Where can I find a good Joseki database? I have found errors in both, and I have not explored them exhaustively. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Ishida’s is probably the most comprehensive, but it is outdated. The curator since is Alexander Dinerchtein. Edit page Discuss page 2.


– Joseki Dictionary

If you have to read text to understand if a move is good or bad, your progress will be slow. This way, you can get a feel for when certain approaches and responses are chosen and why. Email Required, but never shown.

Features Unlimited Joseki Database Josekipedia can store an unlimited amount of joseki information. To become a master of Go is not easy, but became an amateur 5D or 6D it’s not hard. This problems are because the same move is added twice as a variation.

There are many patterns in Kogo’s that are hard to find. Linking to Positions Josekipedia supports linking directly to positions in the tree.


Mon Nov 08, 6: UI Internationalized Josekipedia’s UI is translated into multiple languages, and more are added all the time. Then cgoban opens it just fine.

The user interface tends to remain pretty static over time, but the content continues to grow! Should this be CW? Loading the SGF file produces about a hundred conflicts. I am loving the pro game database. Nonsourced variations tend to be “reasonable”, but not as reliable as, for instance, KJD.

This dictiinary an ecosystem of contributors debate a controversial position, and hopefully arrive at the correct conclusion.

The number of joseki sequences in existence is too much for any one mind to remember, especially when considering all the incorrect variations that branch out from official joseki. It seems like a lot of the people dicrionary run these awesome websites also hang out here.

EidoGo – Go Games, Pattern Search, Joseki Tutor, SGF Editor

Was it a mistake, a variation they don’t cover, or some new joseki that has become popular since the dictionary was created? It’s available for free at http: Welcome to the GoBase. Content Internationalized Much harder than internationalizing the joseii interface is translating the actual content.


Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. By color coding moves by type good move, bad move, etc.

When strong players play a joseki, they know a lot of variations and choose the one that gives them a global advantage, or they refuse the joseki because they know it’s globally better for them. Select a forum Life In 19x This is what Nick Sibicky is recommending.

Overview Contributing Technology Comparison Translation The Goal Josekipedia strives to be the most complete joseki resource on the planet, in both content and features. Being able to discuss each move is an important feature for a joseki dictionary. Recent variations show up almost instantly, though many of them as “question”. Right now, I don’t think there is an all-in-one comprehensive, modern joseki dictionary in English.

This isn’t following the SGF standards. Part 1 – 4,3 komoku Part 2 – 5,3 mokuhazushi Part 3 – 5,4 taka-mokuhazushi Part 4 – 4,4 hoshi Part 5 – 3,3 san-san Part 6 – 4,4 hoshi miscellaneous. Dictipnary amount of joseki is enormous as you will notice while browsing dixtionary the overview below. Which joseki are applied in certain fuseki pattern What are the follow-up moves in a joseki pattern: Sourced Unlike a life and death problem where you can prove that white is dead, there’s no way to prove a move is joseki.