With the enthusiastic support of his ragged soldiers and sailors and the island natives, Creeg established himself as the first monarch of the Kingdom of Ierendi. The Kingdom of Ierendi comprises of ten islands, each with a specific attraction This Gazetteer includes information on each island in the Kingdom, complete. The Kingdom of Ierendi (Dungeons and Dragons Gazetteer GAZ4) [Anne Gray McCready, Ken Rolston] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Though Ierendi has a King and Queen, the real business of running the country is done by the Tribunal, a cabinet of representatives from the most influential aristocratic families in Ierendi. But Ierendi always seemed a bit… odd to me. Not that this is a bad approach, but it doesn’t quite fit with the other books.

But most of all, have fun.

Adventure – GAZ 4 The Kingdom of Ierendi – Save or Die Podcast

Wizards of the Coast. The Kingdom of Ierendi. Thursday, January 26, Kingdom of Ierendi: It also has a decent and useful map of the City of Ierendi, with insets showing some of the port defenses. The page booklet follows the same basic design as the three previous series entries. Learn More I supported because… “this community is the very best!


Make it yours, again and again. However, there’s a greater use of ierendo space here, and the font size has clearly been increased a point or two.

More Information Edit History. Your characters want to take a break from continental life? The King and Queen are mere figureheads, chosen every year in the Ierenfi Tournament of Adventurers, with the winners of the male and female divisions taking the throne.

User Tools Log In. Last but not least, Honor Island is home to a mysterious group of mages, who deal harshly with intruders and build the famed ironclad fireships of Ierendi.

Kingdom of Ierendi, Dungeons & Dragons Gazetteer | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Random Attribute Generation during Character Creation. The original stones are believed to have long since been destroyed.

Games Review Volume 1, Issue 12 – Sep Level Based Earn XP and level up. Still there’s a great deal of kindgom general and specific- to mine.

The Kingdom of Ierendi

Please select a support frequency. In ACa pirate called Mad Creeg raised a revolt among the prisoners, driving Thyatis from the islands and establishing the Kingdom of Ierendi.

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The Kingdom of Ierendi. The mysterious White Island hosts a small community of druids, Whitenight Abbey, that permit few visitors. The Kingdom of Ierendi. Boomgarden Betty Elmore Bruce Heard. Ierendi uses a good deal more boxed text than the other books- mostly to mark out all of the suggested adventures.

The Kingdom of Ierendi Average Rating: Table of Contents The Kingdom of Ierendi. Add a copy to your collection. I like the idea of a set of islands as a former fantasy penal colony.

I’ve certainly used that.

Pirates’ hideaways, disease-ridden jungles, psychotic natives: