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You’re talking about “irrefutable evidence” again, giving Africans a higher burden of proof. Any man has two parents-in-law: You DO realize the idea of West Africa having a constitution before Europe will be heavily attacked right?

All fouya who will transgress these rules will be punished. The Kouroukan Fouga or Kurukan Fuga is purported to be the constitution of the Mali Empire mid-thirteenth century to c.

Its importance to Africa is demonstrated in three main achievements. There were 16 clans known as the Djon-Tan-Nor-Woro quiver carriers responsible for leading kouroukqn defending the empire. The point remains the same, but not my accusations about your way of thinking or the arrogant attributions of ignorance.

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Kouroukan Fouga

Never betray one another. More recent scholars, however, have questioned how much of this and other oral traditions about ancient Mali can contain, and how many accretions or alterations have slipped in. Of Goods Article Never offend women, our mothers.

Originally posted by ackee: One egg out of four is the property of the guardian of the laying hen. Originally posted by Sundjata: Do not ill treat the slaves.


C’mon now, you’re sharper than this. Continuing to use this site, you agree with this.

The fact that you are arbitrarily critical is testified by your presumed acceptance of the Epic [of Sundiata] its self from whence it came. To satisfy one’s hunger is not robbery if you don’t take away anything in your bag or your pocket. The 30th seat was likely occupied by the mansa’s djeli called the douga master of ceremoniesfkuga may have been reserved for a female monitor since the constitution states women are to be represented at all levels of government edict It’s just as valid as the existence of Sundiata himself.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Printer-friendly view of rouga topic. Saying it’ll be attacked because of that is another fact.

Kouroukan fouga : Soundjata et l’assemblée des peuples : la charte du Mandé in SearchWorks catalog

Maybe you should train your mind to relieve yourself from those shackles. The Kouroukan Fouga divided the new empire into mouroukan clans lineages that were represented at a great assembly called the Gbara. The fourth heifer born is the property of the guardian of the heifer. Views Read View source View history. Lies that have lived for 40 years should be considered like truths.

How many manuscripts have we recovered? The first “Greek Miracle” is another good example. We have to hold them in respect and consideration. In big assemblies, be satisfied with your lawful representatives. Fact of kourouman matter is mainstream historians and the like look down on oral history. Article 7 institutes the sanankuya a type of cousinage or joking relationship that is a longstanding West African social tradition as a civic duty. Respect kinship, marriage and the neighborhood.

  AS NZS 2693 PDF

Everyone is kourouakn to make effective their implementation. Contents 1 Rediscovery and publication 2 Historic and cultural importance 3 Contents 3. I doubt you’ve even read or even skimmed through any of the material I so courteously kouroukam for you. Don’t assume you know how I think.

They are divided into four sections concerned with Social Organization edictsProperty Rights edictsEnvironmental Protection edicts and Personal Responsibilities edicts Give me a rough percentage estimate compared to how many you think were written overall. The 30th seat was likely occupied by the mansa’s djeli called the belen-tigui master of ceremoniesor may have been reserved for a female monitor since the constitution states women are to be represented at all levels of government edict It looks kourukan you’re using an Ad Blocker.

This page was last edited on 31 Januaryat Niang lists ten “traditional communicators” on whose authority the text was reconstructed. The recitations came about without any preparation in the course of the social gathering. Any other form without convincing testimony is doubtful.