Kubera is known as the lord of wealth in Hinduism. As the treasurer of the riches of the world, Kubera is prescribed to be worshipped. Kubera. Kubera mudra for fulfillment of desires. Kubera mudra can be used for specific goal. If you want something badly,focus on it, visualize and do. Kubera Mudra also known as wealth is so very powerful Mudra that sometimes it gives you results in just seconds sometimes in few hours.

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I also use this mudra whenever I feel worry. It has been prevailing since a number of decades but no body actually knows from where t began and all that. You might wonder mudar where this mudras came into existence.

Kubera Mudra – How To Do Steps And Benefits

I was wondering how it is possible to earn wealth through a mudra? General health is enhanced as the tips of the little and ring finger touch the pressure points of solar plexus, adrinal gland and kidneys. Lets start talking about kubera mudra which is very nudra and related to hindu religion god kubera means wealth god. Each cell is being fully revitalized now. It is actually wealth god as well call it in Indian mythology. Hold your hands in either a vertical or horizontal position.


BOOK OF WIT: Kubera Mudra: How to Manifest Anything with Kubera Mudra

But all the mudras and gestures are already a part of our life since ages and will be continuing to cast an impression in our future too. Mudras are hand and finger postures that quickly move and redirect the flow of energy within our body, mind and spirit. Join the index finger tips and mura finger tips to the thumb tips.

These three forces when joined together will fulfill all your desires and aspirations. This is mudra to increase the intent of our desires. The Foundation of True Fulfillment. Hence, the name of the Mudra becomes Kubera Mudra or wealth mudra.

Kubera mudra bestows blessings and our projects succeed. I suggest using this mudra every morning to actively set your intention for the day.

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Challenging the Status Quo. It is meant to be regularly incorporated in your daily lifestyle so that you can get maximum benefits out of a particular mudra. Wednesday, 23 August Kubera Mudra: It is a surprise moment for me that when I first heard about Kubera jubera.

Posted by Deonate Khemani at There is no provision of time of frequency attached to this mudra Kubera. Every position in mudra has midra specific meaning.

Our body is made up of five elements — Earth, musra, water, air and fire. I invite you to practice these mudras for a week and see what miracles unfold in your life.


Retrieved from ” https: Performing specific mudras with intention, therefore, can help to retrain the mindbanish old negative patterns, and create an kubrea of joy and possibility in the moment. This page was last edited on 22 Decemberat Practicing mudras engages both the body and the mind, creating a very focused and powerful healing practice.

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Kubera Mudra

Yogis, Chinese kubra and ayurveda practitioners, classical martial artists, and dancers believe the jubera represent one of the most important energy centers and directly affect the neural activity in the brain. Tap into your attitude of abundance and increase the likelihood of wealth in all aspects of your life by mastering Kubera mudra.

Dedicated to the god of wealth, Kubera. Place the little finger tips and ring finger tips in the middle of the palm. Folding hands, bending have become very popular in India.

Use this mudra to khbera your dreams into reality. This is a project under development. Involve it with your goals that you want to reach, or wishes that you want to get fulfilled.