Embers is a novel by the Hungarian writer Sándor Márai. Its original Hungarian title is A gyertyák csonkig égnek, which means “Candles burn until the end”. Sándor Márai [ˈʃaːndor ˈmaːrɒi] was a Hungarian writer and journalist. Contents. 1 Biography; 2 Bibliography. Translated into English. 3 Gallery; 4. : le braci: SPEDIZIONE PIEGO DI LIBRO EURO1,

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To reiterate, this book is a pearl. E alla fine, che rimane? The extinguished fire in me. A single event filled with high emotion and murderous impulses, layered over with more than twoscore years of thought and solitude, enough for the fires of passion and youth to die and glaze over with the weight of accumulated smoothness wrought by time.

Ruminating on that is The Gate that gets you into The Way. Ok, here’s an example. The slow unfolding of it amidst the eerie locale – Hungarian castle in the middle of the forest — the silence, brwci dark and the image of the two old men talking to each other.

Or did it come flowing from a well of born genius of craft?

Sándor Márai

Sign into Goodreads to see if any of your friends have read Le braci. The plot is this thin and almost no twists. But amidst the duality, its nature itself that prevents a harmony.

I was behind by 8 books in my Reading Challenge here in Goodre Embers is perfect. This book is exceptional is its carefully crafted ambiance and the internal musing of the main character.


Embers by Sándor Márai

Oct 15, Carol rated it liked it Shelves: A throwback to a time when royalty living in isolated castles was a common practice in Europe, Embers reveals an intimate look at life and relationships. I’m not going to lose sleep over it. They seek each other out. Marzi was 89 madai old.

The author wanted to work out one brci small but potent aspect of a life- friendship and its death-and he took his time unfolding the details and complexities of feeling. He wrote very enthusiastically about the Vienna Awards, in which Germany forced Czechoslovakia and Romania to give back part of the territories which Hungary lost in the Treaty of Trianon.

The description is rich and lush. View all 14 comments. View all 17 comments. Alcuni passi e certe pagine raggiungono vette di poesia altissime.

Patty (Italy)’s review of Le braci

But I’m no spoiler. And there was this: He has a growing popularity post-death, due to his work, but also his troubled life, that is mirrored by Hungary’s grave misfortunes in the 20th century, and it’s sad to think at the time he took his own life in California of all places inthe literary world still knew little of h Two old men, one dimly lit room, and the past awakening.

Fortunately, the world at large did not feel the need to wrest this slowly wrought jewel from its protective nest, unlike its more physically cohesive counterpart. Here an aging aristocrat and his equally aged friend are talking about life’s vagaries, their lost hopes and dreams, and redemptive love, and they are doing so as the world they grew up in is vastly disappearing for good.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I’m just trying not to spoil any plots. I have no idea. And at the end he finally talks about it. What will I do with you? Don’t think for yourself here. I saneor these passages especially striking: Suspense is there from the outset.

This book sets forth one who has structured-in passions through the locked steel joints of military discipline and narai social customs leading to popularity, with another whose nature is beguiled by art. I sandoe l Embers presents some of the loveliest, most elegant writing I have encountered this year. And it works beautifully. Existe um claro desencanto com a vida, uma profunda melancolia, ao mesmo tempo que se tenta ir em frente e esquecer tudo o que provocou esse mal estar, mas sem sucesso.