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D. Ley () A Social Geography of the City New York: Harper & Row. () Urban neighbourhood as a socio-spatial schema Human Relations 21, Ley de Migraciones No. edited by In Rethinking Race in Modern Argentina, edited by Paulina L. Alberto and Eduardo Elena, – New York. “Aspectos tributarios de la Ley de Hidrocarburos No y el Decreto Supremo La formación de la Bolivia contemporánea, edited by F. Campero P., –

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Statistical analysis was conducted to explore the differences and variation for the E2SFCA calculations. The study also highlights the need for more research so as to better understand the determinants of cross-border health care use.

Competing interests The author s declare that they have no competing interests.

The geographical accessibility of health services is an important issue in public health and for improved health outcomes, especially in developing countries [ 1 — 6 ]. And is there a less costly way to do the title transfer?

As for the Dominican Republic, wealthier and urban people have more access, which means that any form of equity is still largely incomplete [ 6162 ]. Cross-Border Utilization of Health Care: Definition and relationship to consumer satisfaction.

These reforms are 2241-67 to improve health outcomes and to reduce health inequities. Scenario 24167 and scenario 3: Giving birth across the border: Reproduction and distribution subject to the approval of the copyright owners.

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There are four official entry points and several informal crossing points, the number of which is not precisely known [ 38 ]. It may be motivated by dissatisfaction with health care provision in the home country or by actual deficiencies there. Glinos I, Baeten R: It is also fragmented, with a supply offered by many institutions public 241-677 private and facilities that are not well integrated into the health care network [ 52 ]. Both countries have forged and asserted their particular national identities through their respective histories and struggles to achieve the construction of their own nation state [ 3739 ].


Buying a MotorCycle or Car Physical access to primary health care in Andean Bolivia.

Reforms of the health care system: Support Center Support Center. When you sign up they are all smiles but when it comes time to pay they are the devil to deal with. In addition, the positive and significant coefficient for the variation between scenarios 4 and 3 shows that the closure of the border strongly affects accessibility in urban centres that are close to the border.

The road classification of the Haitian and Dominican transport secretaries was used. The aim of this paper is to measure the impact of the border on the accessibility to health services for Haitian people living close to the Haitian-Dominican border. It is worth noticing that the challenges for both countries regarding those issues are high even more when considering the results of the potential spatial accessibility model.

Guendelman S, Jasis M. Several methods are used to measure spatial accessibility [ 7778 ]. A literature review of the use of GIS-based measures of access to health care services.

In Haiti, changes have also been made to improve coherence with administrative boundaries and respect for the equity and universality principles included in the health reform [ 60 ]. But, as far as the official documents of both countries indicate, there is no cross-border cooperation in health care involving any hospitals or other facilities.

Numerous studies have demonstrated the importance of the distance metres or travel time to access health care in developing countries [ 124 ].

The neighbourhood was the finest spatial unit available. The role of distance. But all must be aware: The Enhanced Two-Step Floating Catchment Area E2SFCA method The potential spatial accessibility as described earlier is the distance between the supply in this case, the number of health professionals and the demand, defined by the overall population.


Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. In both countries, the areas next to the border are those that are more sensitive to the impact of the border on 2411-67 level of spatial accessibility.

Model uncertainty in matrix exponential spatial growth regression models

A patient mobility framework that travels: Data Three types of GIS data are needed to assess the potential accessibility of health care services. The red ones are those gaining better access when the border is closed. They should be addressed not only in shrinking the gaps in health access resources but also in creating the needed legal and institutional environment for them to develop smoothly.

Two of these dimensions are spatial: Assessing the spatial accessibility of hospital care in Sichuan Province, China.

How you negotiate installments is up to you, if you get good broker you will not pay any interest on deferred payment. An optimization of the model would make it possible to better evaluate the impact of the border and to obtain more robust results, with a better appreciation of the reality of the situation. An enhanced two-step floating catchment area E2SFCA method for measuring spatial accessibility to primary care physicians.

All authors read and approved the final manuscript. The E2SFCA results and statistical analyses clearly highlight the impact of the border on the potential spatial accessibility of public health services for Haitian and Dominican border populations with a peculiar pattern caused by the one directional movement assumed for the model.