Livro Terra Sonâmbula de Mia Couto content/uploads//09/ Sleepwalking Land (in Portuguese: Terra Sonâmbula) is a novel written by Mia Couto, a Mozambican writer, first published in Portuguese in and translated .

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Use dmy dates from November Pages to import images to Wikidata All stub articles. Two refug “War is a snake that sonambulla us with our own teeth. And yet the atmosphere is thick with the threat of violence, even when it seems like there is really nothing left to ruin.

A man tries to dig a river with his own hands to separate himself from the gangs and soldiers, hoping the water will wash them all away. In Sleepwalking Land, that not-straight forward feeling was perfect tetra providing me, tera reader unfamiliar with both Mozambican history and sonambulx during a civil war, with a dream-like introduction to life in a confusing political and violent setting. The road in the narrative of the man and the boy crosses a desolate depopulated land, with burnt out vehicles and marauding bands similar to Cormac McCarthy’s.

The images of loss, desire, eking out an existence compounded with war makes for some stark images. It is one of the most gorgeous, devastating and disturbing books I’ve ever read. Was this written before or after “The Famished Road”?

E aqui se verifica a beleza da obra: O jovem retira os caderninhos. Muidinga, a boy recovering from illness, and Tuahir, an elderly companion from the refugee camp they have fled, bide their time by reading the notebooks of a nearby corpse of a young man, Kindzu.

The book shows death and trauma in war through strange happenings– metamorphosis, animal omens, reanimated corpses, eccentric grotesque spirit guides of all forms that try to bargain with the living. Deze roman uit zal jammer genoeg ook steeds actueel blijven. Lists with This Book. One of my favourite sections is the story of the land of the dead. I think most of the bad reviews are by readers who expected a straight-forward, factual and sensible historical fiction, and this is really not what you’ll get from this soambula.


Mia Couto combines words creating new ones so skillfully that you’re caught wondering how come that word didn’t exist before. And who can resist literacy as something akin to contraband and as crucial as a machete in cutting its way through ancient jungles and more modern emotional mazes. Mozambique is a former Portuguese colony; that Indian Ocean country on the east coast of Southern Africa that “fits around” the broken-off island of Madagascar. And after all it leaves you wondering if there is possibly any other way to better understand the atrocities of war to the soul.

But it is beautifully written. The boy discovers some notebooks in a box that belonged to one of the yerra passengers, and as he reads the notebooks out loud to his elderly friend, they learn about the writer: The story in this book is one I’ve heard before View all 3 comments. No trivia or quizzes yet. But don’t get me wrong,although It is a beautiful book it is also a deeply moving and livrk story afterall,it is set in a Civil War.

Sleepwalking Land by Mia Couto

Aug 23, Libro rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is a charming book, but not a cheerful one. I’m glad I was able to read the original, as not only the invented words, but also the choice of words is particularly important to define the ch I was really impressed by this book. Sleepwaking Land is a tegra to be digested slowly,apreciating it’s beauty in every way.

Somebody else needs to account for it — I can’t.

Sleepwalking Land

I can’t say I would recommend this book to everyone. Its poison flowed through all the rivers of our soul Every day they wander around their home base looking for food or other living souls and avoiding gunmen. Apr 01, Lucinda rated it really liked it Shelves: That’s what the war has done: Deze roman uit zal jammer genoeg ook steeds actueel blijven.


It’s traumatic writing, cracked clear through and showing liivro other side. I’ve ordered this book online, as I spotted it before and it looks fascinating.

It also llivro me wonder what the english translation is like and what a hard job it must have been to translate this book. How does this exist? Yes, we could say that life is the seamstress of dreams.

But this is a distinctly African work, and has much more in common with the works of Ben Okri. Besides the language the story itself is very well crafted,full of mystic elements typical of the African culture. Couto gives us dream-like sequences of horror laced with magical realism.

I don’t think so; soonambula, then I watch a parade of hyenas, tchotis, xipocos and naparamas dance across the chapters. As the boy reads the story to his elderly companion, this story and their own develop in tandem.

But this is a book of hope. It definitely has become a favourite and Mia Couto one of the authors I most admire.

Terra Sonâmbula

It’s very clear from the beginning that that’s the genre and that the book must not be read as one would read a historical fiction. I struggled to understand the reasons behind various violence and betrayals, and yet I realized that understand sonambila context absolutely did not matter: I’ve ordered teera book online, as I spotted it before and it looks fascinating. Weinig schrijvers slagen daar echt goed in maar Couto vertelt twee afzonderlijke verhalen even meesterlijk en laat ze dan prachtig in elkaar overvloeien.